They are here to remind us that we are worth it! Through raising them we can learn to eat healthily and more naturally, we can learn about the impawtence of our gut health and its microbiome, we can discover what eating naturally for a species means and how healthy, and how wonderful feeling food can make a creature feel.
If you are still feeding your dog better than you eat – you have missed this lesson!!
For us its all about Plant Power to regenerate our gut systems and repopulate them with beneficial microbiome – some awesome books on the subject are:  Human by Allana Collen, Digestive Intelligence by Irina Matviekova and any book on delicious ways to eat veggies, plants and fruits that you thought were boring before you read them, or tried the recipes.

They are here to get us back out into nature. Back where we belong as beings. Amongst nature and trees, breathing in the fresh air, the countryside and being able to earth and ground ourselves in nature. Being able to absorb the electrons planet earth has for us in the ground, the electrons that help us manage stress levels and have been proven to calm  and reduce inflammation in our bodies.
If you don’t find yourself out and about in nature or if you don’t yet know what Earthing is – and its impawtence – you have misse… oh Just CLICK the link and enjoy a wonderful film all about it. The Grounded ( the movie) but not until AFTER you have read to the end of this blog 😉

Our dogs are here to reflect our Stuff back to us, our emotional blocks, heart walls and fears – as well as our success and our balanced calm moments.
As the animals with the biggest heart per body mass on the planet they are literally best placed to reflect the emotions our hearts feel (and then tell our brains afterwards). Dogs have done super well at infiltrating our society – creating themselves in all different shapes and sizes so there is one for everybody! All simply in order to carry out this emotion reflecting, pawsenal development, mankind progressing mission they have been set by mother earth.
(Kevin Behans Your Dog is Your Mirror is a great book for highlighting this aspect of dog ownership, as our energy attraction techniques such as The Balance Procedure)

They are here to encourage us to trust ourselves again, to take back responsibility for our lives and choices.
Other people know things, other people tell us we should be doing things a certain way. Our dogs are here to show us that it is possible for us all to know these things! For us all to have our own inner guidance on what works best for Us. Never has there been a better time to start learning to trust your own capabilities and your own instincts. Its fun to ask what other people do, whether people vaccinate or not, how other people feed real food to their dogs, what new canine ‘superfood’ they may have discovered – but if we are wanting a Firm ‘this is how you do it Right’ we are missing the lesson our dogs have for us!! The lesson that we are Capable, we Can trust ourselves. Life is never fully balanced, life is never ‘complete’ or final or correct – everything is about learning, trying and maybe failing, but trying again – ultimately we can learn to live without the fear that we feel when we first start to trust ourselves and our own judgement.  We can learn to love and allow instead.
Experience is the key! If that came in a book or a bottle. Keeping trying, keep learning, keep failing, keep succeeding, keep trusting – keep Living.
(If you haven’t already its time to educate yourself on aspects of natural dog care. As a starting point have a good old read of everything you can on the Canine-Health-Concern website. Break free from feeling the need to only do what your vet, or somebody you think ‘knows’ says is the right thing do to.)

and now for the big one…

They are here to show us that Life is one continuous Flow of Energy – and that’s all it is.
The energy makes us up, and all of what we see. Resonating at different frequencies in different things, some denser and more solid, others less dense and less solid.
But ultimately all energy. We are all energy and all connected.
Dogs teach us that this energy flows – by showing us their own non thought based way of living, behaving and acting.
Our dogs share with us that we do not need to live in our thoughts and minds, that our hearts and being able to Feel our way through life is more impawtent.
Because everything is simply a flow of moving energy, everything is Energy in Motion – we are essentially as living beings, made of E’Motion made of E = mc 2 .
Our dogs live this way, connecting constantly with the frequencies of the moving emotional energy around them and acting accordingly. They are here to show us how to do so as well.
If you still believe we need or are in separation, you would prefer to control or even be the leader in aspects of your life, whether its with dogs, kids, partner, friends, your housework who or whatever – you are going to feel SO liberated when you recognise this as one of your dogs messages!
Awesome books to get started include Dr Candace Pert Molecules of Emotions, Kevin Behan, Your Dog Is Your Mirror, Dr Rupert Sheldrake Morphic Fields, Dr David Hamilton Destiny vs Free Will, Any book that explains the value of not thinking as much (take you pick of the Hay House published titles), Any book that explains the value of getting back in touch with your intuition and there are 100’s out there! The film Emotion Code is also definitely worth a watch too.

Somehow amongst the funny anecdotes, the endless cups of pukka tea or coconut milk lattes and the inspirational energy I manage to teach all the above as part of my Canine Flow practitioners training. Providing a way for you to work with dogs, owners and energy techniques as your career!
I still sometimes wonder how that can be – and mostly wonder if I channel it from the dogs half the time – But, however it gets there, it does.

If this resonates with you I would love to be with you and your dog on a Retreat or as a Practitioner of these messages.
Through the brilliant Canine Hypnotherapy and other Canine Flow techniques, we can transform dog behaviour, empower owners and most impawtently – do our bit, whilst doing a job we love, to raise the vibration of mankind and planet earth beyond fear or control and into trust and peace! and we could all do with a bit more of that thank you.