We were so excited here at Canine Flow Heartquarters to have Dr Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS attend our Practitioner course in Sept 2016 – and you’ll never guess …he only went and approved of us! Canine Flow and Professional Canine Hypnotherapy now has ‘veterinary approval’! Both are fully safe for dogs.

Dr Roger Meacock is a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon who has been specialising in Complementary and Alternative techniques since 1996. He is a firm advocate of techniques often viewed as yet-to-be-proved by the mainstream Veterinary Medical Authorities. During his experiences he has witnessed many clients animals have considerable successes, in cases where ‘proven’ approaches have failed. He works within the UK and abroad and is contactable via his website (naturalhealingsolutions.co.uk). He is always on the look-out for new techniques, products and ideas that can transform or create health and make a difference to animals on an energetic level.
Roger has recently been focusing on the development of bio-resonance systems of healing for animals, including the possibility of canine collar devices that can receive electronic wave frequencies from a distance. The devices have the potential to be programmed to receive energy balancing frequencies related to a number of ailments or emotions a dog may be feeling.

At Canine Flow, as we are all about transforming energy frequencies by working with a dog emotional energy flow, we think these devices sound wonderful and definitely full of pawtential for our animals friends. We are fully behind the development and success of these devices.

We are all truly grateful to the universe for people like Roger and for his support of what we aim to achieve with Canine Flow and Professional Canine Hypnotherapy.