Emotional Energy is the amazing unseen force that makes the world go round. It is present in every relationship and at every exchange between two creatures, human to animal, animal to animal or animal to insect, even in the exchange between insect and plant!

We know on a biological level we are all made of energy. Although nobody knows exactly how, we know that 4 forces joined together to create all matter on planet earth. The forces of Gravity, Nuclear force and Electromagnetism: electric and magnetic force.

Of the 4, Electromagnetism is the energy force most linked living life; it can be measured several feet away from our bodies. Our bodies, especially our hearts give out the force as a force field in the form of a vibration measured as a frequency.
It is this energy force we are able to detect when we first meet somebody, and when we are able to detect a person, or an animal, is feeling a certain way.
It is a bit like radio frequency transmitting to us who the person is and how the person is at that moment.
Feelings are emotions; the electromagnetic force is the energy of our emotions, I call it our Emotional Energy.

This instinctive way of knowing how another creature feels, or perhaps what they intend towards you happens throughout the whole animal kingdom.
New research even shows it happens through the plant kingdom too.
Essentially it is the governing force of life and the choices of action, or behaviour of something that is experiencing life.
The ability to feel how another creature feels and what it may intend towards us is crucial to basic survival and finding contentment or peace in life.

Our Emotions/Feelings, connected with our hearts, have been proven to be 5000 times stronger magnetically and up to 100’000 times stronger electrically than our thoughts, connected with our minds or brain.
The detection of how another being ‘is’ at any given moment has also been called Telepathy. When we believe we know what another is thinking.
What we are truly picking up on is the 5000 and 100’000 times stronger frequencies of how they feel. Our human minds then interpret that into a language of words that we are used to communicating with.

For animals, which do not communicate with words in that way, being able to detect the electromagnetic frequency of another creature and determine their intent or how they feel is truly an integrated part of their existence. It is not something they think about, contemplate or judge. Animals simply live by the feelings they are feeling at any given moment and the communications they are receiving from creatures around them, and act accordingly.
The animal does not think about its feelings, it simply is its feelings.
When an insect flies towards the light it is certainly not ‘thinking’ yet it is conceivable that it ‘feels’ a desire to do so.
A plant that grows to avoid a stem breakage is not thinking, yet does so through a feeling to survive. It has been shown that plants can act in accordance with a memory of previous damage, something they felt rather than thought.
When animals live in groups they can have a collective group emotional energy as well as individual feelings/emotions.

As well as being able to sense another creature’s emotional state through its heart and cellular frequencies, we know that many animals can smell these frequencies, which is sometimes called chemical communication. It is likely that all of life has a value in detecting emotional energy/feelings as a kind of scent frequency.
Like many mammals our pet dogs have an organ know as the VNO or Jacobson’s organ, which acts to intake frequencies and scents in order to absorb the communication frequencies other dogs, their humans or creatures nearby are sending out. Thus knowing at any given moment, who they are and how they are.

This unseen force that makes up life and influences behaviour choices can be worked with to ensure that the life we experience is safe, calm and happy.
We can also work with it to ensure those aspects for our beloved pets too.
We know that the heart sends more neural signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. This is known as afferent neural traffic. When our focus is shifted to balance and empowerment of the hearts frequencies we can make huge shifts where mind or brain based animal training choices were limited.

The trick is actually not to try to control the emotional energy force, but work with it. To focus on the hearts energy, rather than the minds.
To recognise it and encourage it to flow.
For more information on how we can encourage emotional energy flow to transform canine behaviour, happiness and well-being you are welcome to attend one of my Reach Your Pawtential seminar days.
I look forward to meeting you!