On April 22nd, I will be visiting Phuket in Thailand to volunteer at the Soi Dog Foundation animal shelter for 2 weeks.


The Soi Dog Foundation looks after thousands of dogs every year. Some of these dogs have been rescued after being abandoned on the streets, and some have been rescued after being neglected, abused, or even after being captured for the meat trade.


My skills and knowledge will be of great use in the shelter as some of these dogs will be extremely nervous around humans. The primary aim of volunteering at the shelter is to help the dogs to become used to humans, and to help them to become familiar with walking on a lead. For some of the street dogs, even to familiarise them with going inside buildings, which they may never have done before.



I am hoping during my time in Phuket, I will be able to help some of these dogs to learn how to trust humans again and to grow to be comfortable enough inside buildings to be able to live with their adoptive families in their own homes later on.


The Soy Dog Foundation are always on the lookout for people who are willing to adopt a dog, and are in particular need of help from people who live in Phuket.
With this in mind I wanted to send this email to you and ask: Do you have any friends or family members in Phuket who would be open to the idea of adopting a dog and giving it a loving home for the remainder of its life?


Keep an eye out for future news on the dogs I meet over there and the spiritual lessons they have for me, and for all of us xx