I have a thing about 3, my numerology life path is a 3 (which goes a long way to explaining it 😉 ) – but also there’s something about bringing the purpose and understanding of Canine Flow into to 3 principles (or principawls) that resonates with me, and I hope for you too.

Our first principawl is
# 1 The dog is a Feeling being (rather than a thinking one). This is about understanding who your dog really is.

This principawl is also about Heart over Mind.
I am, after all, the Spiritual dog trainer, and in modern day spirituality we are evolving towards the understanding of equality, unity, connection and a true understanding of our own creative influence on our realities, as well as our contribution energetically to the collective as a whole.
None of that can occur deeply, until we realise the overbalance we have all been experiencing in terms of admiring and relying on the Mind over the Heart.
In Canine Flow we recognise that the dog is a fully heart based being, aiming all the time to be in the flow of heart based, magnetic energy.
They are here to teach us that we have the creative power in our hearts to change our reality, and create what we want to see in our world. Through their behaviours they show us whenever we are in fear or limiting emotions so that we become aware of our subconscious emotions and make the necessary changes.
If we continue to view dogs as separate from ourselves, as mind based, thinking based animals – studying the science of their behaviours, learning their neuro pathways or seeing emotions only as properties of the mind we lose a valuable oppawtunity to grow, evolve and truly make a difference on planet Earth.
Dogs live in the moment and have highly evolved senses to receive energetic information and turn that into an in the moment response. They never mean anything personally, they have no idea why anything happens, neither do they know they do not know, or do they try to understand it!
That way of analytical living has certainly not got humanity into a happy state.
Dogs are part of nature, they feel their way through life. No thought required. Emotions are measurable frequencies emitted from the Heart. They are Energy in Motion.

The second Principawl.
This about understanding true behaviour motivations, working on and with the dog.
#2 All behaviour is vibrational flow.
It is E’motion (energy in motion) trying to Flow, in order to ground itself. We call this emotional energy. We have a 3 step (we do love our 3’s) pawrocess that enables a practitioner, or you with your own dog, to see what energetic information is flowing into your dog, how their state of being is at the time the information reached them and what behaviours they choose to express and thus allow to flow and ground.
This actually does then become a circle as if we limit their choices of expression, we in fact contribute the information going into them and they end up with quite a bit of stuck emotional energy, ready to be released. This either gets released in a fast way in behaviours we find unsocial or fearful, or it manifests as dis-ease in the dog’s body.

Unfortunately almost all dog training methods, even more compassionate ones, restrict or limit the dog’s ability to express, and they become quite stuck in a certain frequencies of emotion.
Canine Flow is primarily a training method. Natural therapies and healing modalities work with the middle section of our flow chart – they allow the dogs body to be in a better state of flexibility and so they cope a little better with emotional build up. Transforming canine behaviour is actually far simpler than our overdeveloped minds want it to be.

which leads us to our 3rd principawl…

#3 Dogs are the strongest mirror to an owners subconscious. This is the bit about reading your dog’s behavioural messages, learning to love yourself, and being absolutely pawsome!

For those that understand the law of attraction, or even a teaching to live in the present this may not come as a surprise. Everything in our reality is a mirror in some way. However, what is interesting about the dog is its large heart per body mass, said (by vets) to be biggest heart per body mass in any animals on Earth. They are also our closest companions.
So it is our dogs who are best placed to magnetically feel what is happening in our subconscious, that bit you don’t realise is actually creating your reality for you, even when you are not consciously doing so. Your dog will reflect all the emotions you didn’t know you had, and reflect them until you learn to love those bits of you too.

Through their behaviours, as a result of magnetically receiving our emotional states, dogs show us when we are not allowing our emotions to flow. When we are restricting them, limiting ourselves or denying something because it makes us feel vulnerable. I must quickly stress these are not always negative things! Many of us limit love, fun and joy as equally as we push away guilt or shame.

It is a wonderful phenomenon in Canine Flow that when you change, your dog does.
Not in obvious conscious way we have all heard in dog training ‘ you tense and the dog on the lead tenses’ but truly really change inside, release those stuck subconscious patterns in you, or in many cases simply begin to live your purpose. That is when the dog’s changes.
This is so apparent many of you have no doubt heard me exclaiming that it is almost like dogs are here with humans to do this!
Whether there is a hidden agenda or not, one thing is for sure dogs are sticking themselves in front of as many folks as possible right now.
It certainly is like the more we awaken the more they appear.
As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

If these Principles (Principawls) resonate with you we would love to hear from you, greet you on a Retreat or see you pop up on one of FB Lives.
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