Here are some more kind words

There are many ways to learn Canine Flow. You may choose to join up to teach or to simply understand and improve your connection with your own dog.

Caroline is great at what she does. The retreat changed our lives to the point that tonight I have two very tired dogs from playing off the lead on all their walks and with other dogs, something I wouldn’t have thought possible. All thanks to Caroline who made me trust and believe in our two amazing rescue dogs.
Jorja Le-Gallienne
I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely retreat last week. As you know I was a little anxious about what to expect and if Indi would behave but I can honestly say by Tuesday I felt really ‘at home’. I feel both Indi and I learnt a lot, both about ourselves but also about each other and our relationship is definitely stronger as a result. The whole concept of energy and Indi needing to ground just made such sense!
Alison Bradshaw
I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful week that Luna and I had last week. It was transformational for me in many ways. I formed an even closer bond with my beloved dachshund which means the absolute world to me! But also on a more personal level, I feel that it has done me an incredible amount of good in terms of health. As I mentioned to you, I had become increasingly aware of reliance on sugar and the negative consequences it was having on my body. It sounds really silly but was scared to change my habits as they had become extremely ingrained into my routine and daily life. Since returning from the retreat however, I have completely changed all my eating habits. Gone are the days of sugary breakfast cereal at almost every meal and in its place, healthy vegan/vegetarian alternatives. Through a combination of this and daily meditation, I feel incredible already and long may it continue. I can tell there has been a deep and fundamental change in my body chemistry, which will have long term positive effects on my life and my health. Lots of love,
What a powerful week, surrounded by a wonderful and compassionate group of dog parents. Thank you Caroline for teaching us the wonders of Canine Flow. Uncovering the spiritual connection with your dog is something amazing and I am so grateful to have experienced this with my dog Izzy.
Alicia Boemi
Aero and I thoroughly enjoyed the Retreat and learnt so much. A special place, special people, special dogs, special food and a special leader. Thank you Caroline, you are truly inspirational.
Val Gillings