So, here we are in North Cyprus!

Moving yourself and your dog half way across the world is not the simplest nor the least stressful choice to make, especially when you are in the middle of organising a huge natural dog care conference!

I actually think Foosa took it all way better than me, bless her she was so very quiet in the airport when I headed to get her back from the ‘cargo’ dept, that was until she saw me, then I guess she must have realised all was well and really wanted to be out of the travel crate!

Many of you know that the work I do is not just for the dogs, it empowers both owners and dogs, allowing owners to balance emotional energies too and for both dogs and owners to grow to their highest potential, together.
I believe our dogs our here as spiritual teachers to assist us to do this.
Practicing these techniques has allowed me to create/manifest/attract many things into my life. Moving somewhere peaceful and warm has been on my vision board for a while and so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it.
I am always super pleased when I hear one of my students or Retreat attendees has created/manifested something magical too, would you like to be able to create effortlessly too?

As you can see the sunsets are awesome, filled with love and light.
The food here is more nourishing, way less chemicals are used and you may have to wash all the fruit and veg but at least you know it wholesome.
Unfortunately Foosa’s real meat is not so easy to find here, but we are working on it! She is enjoying her chicken wings and free bones from the local butcher, who just about understood I wanted them for the dog not myself!

The more time I spend here the more I am realising that it is no accident that we are here, now is a time of importantly planetary energy shifts, Mother Earth herself is growing vibrationally. With Cyprus being one of, if not the top theory as the original site of Atlantis, I feel many people are going to be drawn here and there is a reason I have been pulled here.

This place is absolutely amazing and I am filled with enthusiasm to create Animal Connection Retreats here in Cyprus so you can share in the amazingness of it all and tap into the powerful planetary energy here.

I will absolutely still be running my UK Retreats, they make such huge shifts for the attendees the universe would be losing a fabulous thing if I stopped them. New 2016 dates are on the website, I shall write to you about those very soon too!

For now Foosa wants you to know she is LOVING the beaches here, she has found a new lease of life and doesn’t mind about only having 3 legs when there is so much to sniff and see on the beaches.
She is also now having a herbal supplement for suppleness from a great new company called Diet Dog (link below), We are thrilled to find the company and products, especially as their vet is Richard Allport, who wrote an amazing review of my dog diet book all those years ago!

Until next time remember to Love, Woof and never stop Wondering
Love and Sunshine
Caroline and Foosa