Over the last few weeks I’ve been re-introduced to the value of what is known as Earthing. I say re-introduce for 2 reasons. 1 we all know this really, instinctively as a human being this knowledge was within me and secondly I have read about it before, and even purchased and used an Earthing mat for my computer desk while I worked in an office a year or so ago! At the time I didn’t take in just how powerful this Earthing is for health and emotional balance.
The science behind it is amazing, the logic extremely powerful and the excitement that we can also use this to help our dogs, or other pets, growing stronger the more I find out about this phenomena. It even links to the way I discuss a dogs behaviour, and their need to Ground excess emotional energies to be calm and happy.

It is truly a simple way to make a Huge difference to both you and your dogs Health, Feelings and Connection.
When you practicing Earthing you WILL solve ailments. There hasn’t been anyone part of a study into Earthing that hasn’t seen improvements of some kind.

Ok so what is it all about!?

Well, far from simply being something that shocks and harms our body the energy of electricity can actually benefit it.
The body actually produces electricity. Doing so allows it to communicate across the body via the nerves of the nervous system. This communication network is widely taught, even at school biology level – and yet that method of communication is said to account for only 2 %  of body wide communication. Whilst it is quick, the remaining 98 %  not discussed anywhere near as often, happens much faster.
Happening via a different network, one that is proven and yet not discussed in as much detail as the nervous system is in medical or biology texts.
Instead of having nerves reaching throughout the body like tributaries to and from the brain the remaining 98 %  of communication happens between cells, information is sent from cell to cell via an electrical network that reaches across cell membranes and literally connects every cell in the body. This provides instantaneous communication of information throughout the whole of the body.
This network is described by the Drs and scientists who discovered it as being made of Liquid Crystal – a protein collagen helix held in water within tubes. (see images below for a better visual understanding).
Labelling it as liquid crystal can make the whole idea seem far-fetched, does this mean our bodies contain crystals? – and yet we know that quartz crystals are used to enhance or create power in watches or electrical equipment all the time. The Liquid Crystal conducts electricity throughout the body, carrying frequencies of information from cell to cell. It is a pliable, flexible substance, rather than a sparkly, hard rock-like substance we commonly associate with crystals.

You and your dog’s cells are made up of atoms, containing particles with electrical charges. Positively charged particles are Protons, Negatively charged named Electrons and Neutral are called Neutrons.
Cells use electrolytes created from minerals like sodium and potassium to generate either positive or negative charges, switching between the two charges in what is known as the Sodium-Potassium Gate. The switching between the charges is the electricity creation and its flow of power.
Our bodies are electrical conductors.

Our bodies also constantly produce molecules called Free Radicals. Free Radicals have the potential to age us and to damage the body, if they are not counteracted by anti-oxidants.
Many anti-oxidants come from diet and nutrition. You may have heard of anti-oxidants from skin cream advertisements too. Without anti-oxidants free radicals cause aging and internal inflammation.
They are produced naturally through cellular respiration, but can be produced in excess through exposure to; the electromagnetic frequencies of technology such as computers, tv’s mobile phones, environmental toxins or pollution, smoking, stress, over exercising, injury, processed foods, pesticides or herbicides and even radiation from the sun.
Free Radicals are Positively charged.
The Earth is Negatively charged.
Being able to absorb up, or conduct the earths natural negatively charged electrons counteracts the free radicals in your body – and is in fact our biggest free source of anti-oxidants on the planet – literally!
Planet Earth has balancing, healing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties for us.
We are supposed to be a part of our planet, and connected to nature, to the earth. Yet mostly due to the wearing of shoes it is something we rarely do nowadays. As our dogs become more integrated in our way of living even they are missing out on exposure to the earth and an ability to ground and heal. This is especially true for city or town dogs.

Whether you believe in the liquid crystal conductor explanation or not the studies and research into this technique is still outstanding.
We have a wonderful way to make shifts for our dogs in terms of behaviours and their ailments or health just a step beyond our doorstep, and its Free!

How to Earth, for you and your dog.
It so simple!
Connect your bare feet to earth/mud or grass with earth underneath it.
Connect your bare feet to the trunk of a tree that has roots growing down into the earth. (trees conduct electrons up too)

You will begin to conduct up electrons as soon as you do this.
The longer you can do it for, the more health and wellbeing benefits you will achieve.
Try 10 mins standing, or 20/30 mins laying down.

Does your dog choose to lie on conductive surfaces? I know Foosa does. She adores the beach, even though she is not keen on the sea, and chooses the ceramic tiles over her bed quite often too.
I also know how good my gardener friends say they feel having spent time with their hands or feet in earth.
Conductive Earthing surfaces include:
Best : actual damp or wet earth, the sand on the beach, thick plant stems or tree trunks
OK: Concrete, ceramic tile ( not porcelain though), thin leather, cotton or natural fibers
Not conductive no good for Earthing: Plastic, Rubber soles, Foam, Wood, Concrete with sealer or paint on, Pavements and roads made of Tarmac, Synthetic fibers or material.

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Images of the liquid crystal matrix
(These are actually directly from Dr James Oschman and his teams talk mentioned above, unashamedly shared for you, because he would want you to know!)

liquid crystal