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Study with Love, Woof and Wonder

Home Study Course

Available worldwide

Level 1: Certificate in Canine Flow

Home Study Course

Learn how to connect more deeply with your dog. Understand their energies and how their emotional energy flow impacts their motivations and behaviours.

Working with canine behaviours in a soul-centred way that enables you also to re-connect to your heart space, find your true purpose and become abundant, balanced and free. Your dog is your guide, if you can truly see them.

This is dog training done differently, the other half of the behaviour story and the key to truly recognising your dogs spiritual purpose with you.

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access should you wish to study over a greater period of time.

Course support meetings and meditations are held online every month.
Meetings & Meditations will also be recorded and sent to all students.


Whats included?


FREE - Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audio
Relax and calm your dog with canine hypnotherapy audio downloads. Support your dog in times of heightened energy and build your bond together, in a state of peaceful tranquillity.

FREE - Exclusive lecture from biologist and parapsychologist, Dr Rupert Sheldrake
Author of “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home,” Dr Rupert Sheldrake, spoke at an exclusive event for veterinary professionals and Canine Flow Practitioners about the connection between humans and their animals that lies beyond our current scientific understanding. This recording is only available as part of a Canine Flow course.

What will I learn?

The modules in this truly unique course enable you to work with the Canine Flow techniques on your own dog or dogs of family & friends.
Below is a short overview of the course content.
Meeting options sent to students on enrolment.

Introductory lectures

Welcome and Entry to our Support Group on Facebook.

Module 1
A New Way of Seeing Your Dog:
How the Heart links our dogs with us, and to their behaviours
Life Force Flow - Emotions as energy in motion
The Hidden Canine Senses
The True meaning of a dogs VNO (Vomeronasal Organ)
Integration of Canine Flow with (compassionate) Dog Training
Magnetism and Polarity in Behaviours
Canine Group Focus in Behaviours

Module 2
The Science of Canine Flow:
Science of the Heart
The Sacred Geometry of Life
Canine Memory, Mind and Epigenetics
Proprioception, Muscle Tension and Trauma Memory in dogs
Nutritional Therapy, how food influences behaviour (your founder Caroline is also a top canine nutrition specialist)

Module 3
Practical Applications:
Professional Canine Hypnotherapy
Providing Grounding Opportunities (canine and guardian)
Earthing (including the difference to grounding)
The Acceptance Technique (canine and guardian engagement)
Meditation Practice

Extra (special) Module
Your Soul Dog, 5th Dimension possibilities
The Balance Procedure - dogs as reflections, harnessing your subconscious as a creative tool
Creating Abundance from the Heart - your dog is here to help you to do this.
Ancient Teachings, Anubis & The Mystery Schools

Who can enrol?

Whether you are looking to support your dog with a specific dog training or behavioural problem, would like a deeper understanding and connection with your canine companion or are interested in supporting your spiritual growth and abundance from our Canine Flow approaches to life, anyone can enrol in this programme.
No prior knowledge is required.
You can even join if you do not have a dog - yet!

Ready to transform canine behaviour and powerfully align your own energy flow?