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Canine Flow Training School

Heart-based spiritual dog training to understand your dog and influence their behaviour with your magnetic, soul connection.

Canine Flow is a truly unique dog training technique that enables you to understand your dog's motivations, their emotional energy and the influence of your subconscious on your dog’s behaviour.

Where traditional techniques might fall, Canine Flow opens you up to your dog and their energy, supporting them through their behavioural concerns or anxieties to peace and connection.

Canine Flow is a unique way of being with your dog that aligns your own energy flow, promotes happiness and builds success and purpose in you and your dog—transforming canine behaviour like no other technique before!

Lovingly connect with your dog by learning Canine Flow in your own time with our home study course, or pass your passion on to others and train as a Canine Flow Practitioner.

Level 1 : Home Study Course Certificate

Canine Flow Home Study Course

Learn how to connect with your dog. Understand their energies and how your connection impacts their motivations and behaviours, leading to a calmer, happier dog.

Reduce anxiety and challenge unwanted behaviours in an understanding, dog-centred way that enables you both to re-connect to your heart space, find your true purpose and become abundant, balanced and free.

This is dog training done differently.
Learn at home, at your own pace, led by the Canine Flow founder and dog behaviour expert, Caroline Griffith.

Home Study Course

Level 2 : Graduate as a Practitioner

Teach Canine Flow

Three steps to success
To graduate as a Canine Flow Practitioner, you must…

  1. Complete the Canine Flow Home Study Course.
  2. Undertake, write up and hand in 6 case studies, demonstrating your confidence to share and teach Canine Flow techniques.
  3. Attend and immerse yourself in 2 Canine Flow five-day retreats, during which you will lead a one-to-one and a group Canine Flow session.

Canine Flow Home Study Course

Join a Retreat

Ascension to Canine Flow Practitioner will enable you to support others in their dog training and soul growth journey—consulting with individuals, running RelaxDog Classes and leading your own Canine Flow Retreat days.

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Fully supported learning

There are no other courses or techniques quite like Canine Flow.

Our founder, Caroline Griffith, is always on hand to support you. Get in touch today for personal guidance from the expert.

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Meet the teacher
Canine Flow was founded by Caroline Griffith, also known as The Spiritual Dog Trainer. She has a lifelong love of dogs and has worked with natural pet care and holistic training techniques for over 20 years.

Dogs have the biggest heart per body mass of any animal on earth! Making them highly attuned to reflect the sub-conscious emotions in our hearts. In practice, that means that you can completely transform your dog’s behaviors by transforming your own emotional state of being to one of purpose and flow.

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