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A selection of transformational offerings, created with purpose, love and inspiration for both you and your dog to enjoy.

Canine Flow Oracle Heart Deck of Cards

Canine Flow Oracle Cards

Receive love and guidance from your dog and pure source energy, with this unique 36 Card Deck and Guidebook. Receive insights and messages to bring you deep understanding of your dogs behaviours, and guidance related to your present, your future and …

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Professional Canine Hypnotherapy Audios

Relax and calm your dog with Professional Canine Hypnotherapy. Transform behaviour, release fears or anxieties and improve well-being. Safe, Veterinary approved and full of love. Audios for: Recall , Barking , Travel , Fireworks , Separation Anxiety …


Canine Flow Training School

Discover a unique way of being with dogs that aligns energy flow, promotes happiness and builds success and purpose. You will learn to transform canine behaviour and achieve your own happiness, flow and abundance. Learn with your dog, we know you …