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We provide many creative tools to achieve a greater understanding and acceptance of the philosophy and science behind Canine Flow. Whether you’re completely new to Canine Flow or are ready to become a practioner you can improve your dogs behaviour, well-being and happiness. Our resources are here to inspire and guide - enhance your knowledge.

Canine Flow Oracle Heart Deck of Cards

Buy Canine Flow Oracle Cards

Receive love and guidance from your dog and pure source energy with this 36 Card Deck and Guidebook. Suitable for dog lovers and owners of all ages. Each card features beautiful canine photography, a transformational message and designs from sacred …

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Download Hypnotherapy Audio For Dogs

Relax and calm your dog with hypnotherapy. Create deep connections, release fears or anxieties and improve health issues. Change the dog, before the behaviour. The behaviour then changes as the dogs does. Veterinary approved and full of love. It is …


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Canine Flow is practised worldwide and online. Access the directory If you are interested in finding a specialist or practitioner near to you. This list is growing, so please check back regularly for updates.

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Canine Flow Home Study Course

Online, self-paced spiritual dog training that teaches you to connect on a deeper level for a calmer, happier dog. Maybe you’ve tried all the dog training methods out there, and nothing seems to be reaching your dog. Maybe you felt their must be a …

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Get informed and stay up to date on the latest Canine Flow insights. Amongst other things we talk all things dog! We love our furry friends, their adventures, behaviours, woof wisdom, canine conversations and many more musings.

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