Canine Flow Online Course


Online Canine Flow Certificate: Transform behaviours and connect with your dog, using our unique, fully holistic, techniques.
Study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Course content and more info found on the Learn pages.


Discover and learn to practice our techniques from anywhere in the world.
Full support provided.
Certificate on completion.
Mempawship to our private Practitioner and Study Practitioner group.

Optional initial online consultation and e-meet with our Founder Caroline Griffith.

All that you need to create transformations to your dogs behaviours, and empower yourself to achieve abundance in all aspects of your life.

Learn the role that your dogs vital life force flow has on their feelings, emotions and thus their choices of behaviour.
Canine Flow completes our understanding of dogs and dog behaviour, as a not just choice of their mind or influenced by their physical body but an expression of their soul or 'spirit' too.
Despite being about energy, Canine Flow is fully backed by science, and thus is fast becoming known as the missing link in dog training and understanding.

A truly holistic dog training method should include your dogs Soul, or Life-Force Flow, which is fully Heart based approach.
Embracing the new sciences of heart coherence, heart intelligence, quantum biology, morphic resonance and emotional energy flow.

Following the course will be able to provide all the Canine Flow techniques, including Canine Hypnotherapy, for the benefit of your own dogs and friends dogs.
To ensure dogs always receive the highest quality of suppawt we ask that the in-person part of our practitioner programme (our Retreats) are also undertaken to offer the techniques professionally.

Once you have made your purchase our founder Caroline will be in touch immediately to welcome you and give you the course access codes.


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Head to our Online Course page for all the details.

Mentorship and Course to move beyond limitations and step into your inner empowerment with the full suppawt of myself, my guides and your dogs magnetic heart energies. 
Integrate fully your dogs spiritual aspect into their training, care and connection with you!