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We have advocates & practitioners worldwide.
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Caroline Griffith


Caroline founded Canine Flow, facilitates Retreats and teaches the Home-Study course.


Contact Caroline:

Becky Shuttleworth

Master Practitioner

Becky provides canine therapy sessions and consultations to help your dog to manage it’s day to day stresses. She specialises in rescue dog consults.

Meet Becky - Video: How Canine Flow helped my 22 rescue dogs!

UK (Essex)

Contact Becky:

07765 327199

Vanessa Byrne

Master Practitioner

Vanessa specialises in dog grooming and uses Canine Flow to support dogs and guardians be calm. Training and courses for groomers available, as well as dogs and their families.

UK (Warwickshire)

Contact Vanessa:

01926 671028

Dawn Stone

Master Practitioner

Dawn helps animals to heal and transform. She combines Animal Aromatics with Canine Flow to support dog owners with relax dog classes, retreats and workshops.

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

Contact Dawn:

07787 103121

ZsaZsa Daniel

Master Practitioner

ZsaZsa offers personalised a coaching service to empower women with dogs to transform and flourish. Services include relaxation and restoration classes via Zoom.

Meet ZsaZsa: 'How Canine Flow Helped My Dog's Aggressive Behaviours'.

UK (Kent)

Contact ZsaZsa:

07790 305299

Toni Twist


UK (Surrey)

Contact Toni:


Val Gillings


Wales (Carmarthenshire)

Contact Val:

Claire Bloomfield


Cambridge, UK

Contact Claire:

07971 489600

Naomi Baggaley


UK (Hampshire)

Contact Naomi:

07766 732425

Yvonne Zackim


UK (East Sussex, Kent)

Contact Yvonne:


Theresa Hughes


UK (Hertfordshire)

Contact Theresa:

Victoria Smith Gillard


UK (Kent, Chatham)

Contact Victoria:

07949 859470

Sarah Western


UK (Lancashire, Wigan)

Contact Sarah:

01744 607190 or 07738122777

Joanne Bell


UK (Surrey, North Hampshire, Basingstoke, West Dorset)

Contact Joanne:

07977 551568

Helen Perriam


UK (Wales, Bridgend)

Contact Helen:

Pat White


UK (South Yorkshire)

Contact Pat:

07952 436536

Kelly Carvaretta

Practitioner In Training

USA (Wisconsin)

Contact Kelly:

262 646 0800

Rob Swift

Practitioner In Training

UK (Manchester)

Contact Rob:

07411 411836

Heather Sasz

Practitoner in Training

Canada (Melville)

Contact Heather:

407 922 0285

Emma Scott

Scotland (Helensburgh)

Contact Emma:

Lyndsay France

Practitioner In Training

UK, Isle of Man

Contact Lyndsay:

07624 344435