Online Course

Canine Flow Online Certificate

This online course was born after so very many of you wished to attend a Retreat but were unable to travel to the UK or US Retreats.
Its packed with knowledge, care, love and light codes. Blending modern day spirituality with the wisdom of the ancients and compassionate dog care.

Study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. You can also set study goals you prefer, we will suppawt you to achieve these goals. 

Only with Canine Flow will you;
# Transform your dogs behaviours by recognising all three aspects of your dog being; their mind, body and Soul 
# Understand the divine messages and true motivation behind all dog behaviours
# Remove energy-blocks to your own flow of success, happiness & abundance
# Connect more deeply to your dog, to source and with your multi-dimensional origins
#Learn to practice our training techniques on your own dogs and friends dogs. 

Canine Flow combines the latest energy techniques with the science behind the power of the Heart and frequency based modalities.
You will discover the intrinsic value of your dogs life-force flow as the motivator behind every behaviour choice and their perceived personality (pawsonality).

The method can be used alongside traditional (compassionate) training and is commonly described as ”the missing link” in understanding dog behaviour and emotional intelligence. 

*Study Canine Flow at home, with lifetime suppawt from myself, Caroline, and my wonderful existing practitioners.
*Gain access to the library of resources, tools and course modules
*Bonus Seminars from world thought leaders such as Dr Rupert Sheldrake and many natural dog care professionals.
*All our theory, science and techniques
– inc’ spiral healing, professional canine hypnotherapy, emotional energy flow (& more!)
*Lifetime community connection, take the course in your own time, yet equally be accountable for your growth and manifesting your dreams!
*Certificate of Achievement upon completion.
*Canine Flow is Veterinary approved.

Download the COURSE SYLLABUS CONTENT PDF: Online Course pdf

A message from our founder, Caroline;
”Thank you for considering our online course. I have developed Canine Flow from over 24 years experience in both dog behaviour training and animal energy therapist fields.

Your dog is a very special being, they have actually been guided to you for your growth and ascension. They have profound messages for humanity which are only truly heard when we move from mind-based techniques into our heart-space. For me this way of being with dogs is long over-due, I am blessed to share it with you and support you on your journey to making a difference to dogs and owners all over the world!”

Start your journey, enrol on our Online course here : Online Course Link 

We currently have students and practitioners in the following countries: Wales, Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Croatia, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and several states of the US.