What is really making your dog behave that way?
Are they really thinking before acting?

Are you aware of the impact natures natural frequencies have on your dog’s behaviour?
Can you teach your dog or other dog-owners ways to cope with the natural phenomena all around us?
At our Relax Dog Classes we can!

Some of these natural frequencies include: Solar and Lunar energies, Electrons in the Earth, Geopathic energy and other surrounding Electromagnetic energies. All these can influence an animal’s feelings and their state of being. These frequencies are all instinctively sensed by animals and by us. They have a background, almost subconscious effect on how we feel and the way we behave.

No Thought Required
Compared to Gravity, Electromagnetic energy might be seen as the weaker force in its ability to physically and visibly move or affect us. Yet it is one of the strongest energy forces. It is used by creatures all over the world to navigate the earth safely and beneficially. It is also the energy field that can be measured several feet away from a beating heart. Electromagnetic energy can strongly impact the feelings and growth of creatures and plants around it – for better or worse depending on the frequency of the field.

The different frequencies from nature or surroundings can be viewed more easily as ‘information’. This Information can be sensed through a dog’s Vomerol Nasal Organs (VNO) – their ear magnetite, their large hearts and the 5 common senses. Dogs may in fact ‘see’ energy in a way most (but not all) people have lost the ability to do. They most definitely smell it much better than us!

The energy information they receive effects their behaviour – no thought required – simply a change of emotion, a change of Feeling.
So neither thought nor the mind as we know it, are the influencer of behavioural choices. Especially not the behaviour choices we aim to control or to limit when using the majority of dog training methods.
Surely this raises the question: To change behaviours in our dogs, do we even need to be trying to deeply understand, predict or influence the dogs mind at all?

Matter over Mind

My experience has been that when you influence a creature’s feelings or state of being you influence its behaviour. This happens much faster and effectively than trying to influence what its mind is possibly thinking. A feeling is not a thought, it is an Emotion. An emotion is felt in every cell of the body.
Hormones, peptides and ligands for instance have been shown to reach cells all over the body as detectable molecules, with very little being part of the brain or the mind. Emotions and feelings are a body wide occurrence. Only 2{4da997b282d5795c5afa16f0d1368cad8e81b680680781bf82c78f4866adc60f} of the communication in the body is via the nervous system. 90{4da997b282d5795c5afa16f0d1368cad8e81b680680781bf82c78f4866adc60f} of serotonin – the ‘feel good’ hormone is in fact created in the gut lining – with 95{4da997b282d5795c5afa16f0d1368cad8e81b680680781bf82c78f4866adc60f} of ‘how to feel’ signals being sent up to the brain or ‘mind’ rather than the other way round.
The Heart has also been shown to send more signals up to the brain or ‘mind’ than ever get sent ‘down’ to the body. Our days of believing that the mind is dictating the behavioural choices of our dogs can be far behind us – if we are ready to accept.


Dr James Oschman – crystal cellular communication and earth electrons,
Dr Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion,
Institute of Heart Math – studies and papers published and ongoing
Dr Michael Gershon of NYC university
All the above doctors and scientist’s research papers offer plenty of explanations and examinations of the ‘Body-Mind’ concepts.

A revolution in understanding what drives behaviour! How dogs see and sense the world and how we can influence what is happening!

Why I love this work!
I never stop learning, all the ways I have learned so far to safely influence and manage a dog’s ability to cope with, discharge and even benefit from natural energies around us are part of Canine Flow. Its works, I don’t even need to know what behaviour the dog was doing to make a difference to that behaviour! The behaviour is simply a symptom of a limited energy flow or of energy frequencies patterns that are not nourishing the dog and need transforming.

An understanding of the genuine and proven energetic influences of nature, coupled with practical tools and techniques, assist dogs to be in the best state of well-being. It literally does change a dog’s behaviour and makes them healthier too. Bringing in the other energetic understandings such as the owner’s intentions and ability to create reality, collective species memory, epigenetic frequencies and cellular memory of trauma, and you will feel part of a revpawlution in understanding how animals feel and what drives them through life! You will even experience benefits yourself by learning to live more in alignment with natures and your own unique energies.

Canine Flow and Relax Dog Classes are more than just a new dog training classes for dogs and owners; they are about re-connecting with nature and with our true selves. This is more than simply helping people be calmer around dogs or helping dogs become calmer themselves. Those things are a brilliant start – but there really is another world out there. Another way of doing things. A whole heap of fascinating stuff to learn about what is really in the environment around us, the unseen influences and dog training secrets of the universe!