My mission on Earth: 
Support dog owners to feel happier, more abundant and more in alignment with their purpose, as well as more connected to their dog than they have ever felt!

To bring the heart back into dog training and care. Advocating equality, understanding and new ways of doing things that embrace the soul side of things, the spiritual side that is currently awakening in so many of us. It is actually that part of you that really matters to your dog! They are here to suppawt your ascension and growth to your absolute Pawtential.

To share this way of being with dogs with the world so that both dogs and owners can release anxiety, struggle, conflict or limitations that are holding them back, contributing more love and peace to planet Earth.
Provide the oppawtunity for pet professionals and pet dog owners to learn these unique techniques and live their lives to their fullest, abundant Pawtential.

oh and : to keep running fun, pawsome Retreats packed with laughter, connection, learning and transpawmation.

Want to join in with this mission?
I look forward to meeting you and your dog/s on Retreats, events or simply e-meeting them for now! 🙂
with love and light