Welcome, Guardian of Canine Light.

The Canine Mystery School is here to share with you ancient secrets, divine wisdom and higher truths that will transform your dogs behaviours, elevate your ascension process and align you to receive the happiness, peace and abundance that is literally held within your DNA. We present the liberating truth behind all canine behaviours by blending both science and spirituality. It’s dog behaviour training, done very differently!

We present:
Tools and techniques to accept, clear & free negative or unhealthy frequencies from your dogs, and your own reality. Unique ways to transform behaviour and understand the true motivations behind your dogs expressions and actions. The key to behaviour is understanding your dogs individual Life-Force Flow.
The science behind these methods, we blend science and spirituality in every-day language. This is not simply psychic, or magic – we work with measurable advancement techniques.

Our dogs are reminders of our sacred potential, to live fully-aligned with the Heart. Your dog chose you! To support you (suppawt you) on your journey, and has likely even led you here to the Canine Mystery School.

Canine Flow is a system of life enhancement for your dog, for you and for all of humanity. Equally supporting Gaia and all her beautiful animals to reach peace and alignment.
We know energy techniques powerfully heal the physical, now let’s apply that understanding to training, care & life with our dogs. Watching as things begin to shift and transform.
This is beyond healing, beyond telepathy and way beyond the limits of our minds.
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Our 9 Mystery Teachings

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Mystery Teachings FREE PODCAST Launching Sept 2020! 
Chapter one : A New Paradigm in Dog Behaviour and Training – Why this matters.
Chapter two : Resonance – The science behind this work and service.
Chapter three : Ancient Wisdom – What is a Mystery School?
Chapter four : Canine Life-Force Flow – the missing link in all dog behaviour, training and therapy.
Chapter five : The Canine Starseed Connection
Chapter six : True empowerment – How Canine Flow transforms more than canine behaviour
Chapter seven : The Power of the Heart – Practices for a calmer dog, happier life
Chapter eight : Beyond Animal Healing – the vital role you play in Earths ascension
Chapter nine : Tools, as your Journey Begins…

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Upcoming Courses

Reading the Canine Heart Oracle   £33

Learn to give readings with the Canine Heart Oracle Cards.
Connect to the collective consciousness of all dogs, known as the Sacred Canine Heart.
Reveal the hidden deeper meaning or message behind behaviours, situations or concerns. Pass on light code healings through the cards.
Study for you and your dog personally, or to offer a unique service entirely different from traditional animal communication.
The course includes powerful Sacred Canine Heart initiate meditation, guidance, support and fun, plus your very own pack of the Sacred Canine Heart Oracle cards!

Virtual Retreat –  £333

Take part in one of our Retreats, anytime and from anywhere in the world.
You and your dog are invited to take part in a truly transformational course connecting with us virtually and following the modules at home.
You will receive guidance with tips and tools to use at home to create a sacred Retreat space and ensure you & your dog make the most of your Virtual Retreat.
Full support from our community available throughout.
Lessons, Meditations and Teachings. Light Codes, Wisdom and love that often begins upon sign-up and always extends way beyond the Retreats conclusion.

Canine Flow: Science and Theory Pack   £13

A downloadable book of wisdom and tasks. Packed with references, interesting facts and understandings on our unique method of transforming behaviours in our beloved canine friends, understanding canine life-force flow and creating abundance and flow for owners too.
Blending modern spirituality with science is always at the forefront of what we do. None of our work is ‘magic’, it is based on measurable, known but rarely discussed facts and emerging science.

Canine Flow Practitioners Certificate

Learn to do what we do. Support humanities awakening and ascension with purpose. Sharing and teaching Canine Flow techniques, working with gorgeous dogs and their guardians in our unique heart-based, peace creating, fun, enlightening way. Its so easy!

Level 1 Discovery – Simply complete a transformational Retreat, this can be the Virtual Retreat. You will gain knowledge to transform your dogs behaviours, their life-force flow and your own flow of abundance.

Level 2 Practitioner – Hand-in six case studies and demonstrate your confidence to share and teach Canine Flow techniques.
Ideally you will demonstrate by leading both a one to one and a group Canine Flow sessions as part of a second Retreat, this part of the Certificate can be arranged virtually by video in exceptional circumstances or if you live in a far flung place in the world!
Practitioners can consult, run RelaxDog Classes and lead special Day Retreats in Canine Flow. 

Master Practitioner – For those showing continuous focus and growth with CF principles. Master Practitioners can create courses to be offered here, or at our UK Centre.