Do you and your dog have a telepathic connection?
All animals are able to connect with us telepathically. This is something animal communicators prove to themselves and their students regularly, Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a pioneer of researching and providing data based science behind this connection.

I recently organised a talk in my home town of Cambridge, where Dr Sheldrake also lived and worked for many years.
The event was a huge success raising nearly £1000 for the BAHVS, who work tirelessly to support newly trained and existing vets to understand, accept and maybe even practice, complementary and alternative therapies for animals.

Dr Sheldrakes talk was inspiring, thought provoking and humorous.
He spoke of many times when he has given talks to leading veterinary organisations who have almost all personally individually let him know they too have telepathic experiences but who were all too worried to mention the experiences to their colleagues, for fear of being ‘different’! – He recommended to them all it was about time they ‘came out’, haha!

Mans connection with animals is definitely changing, evolving to a place of understanding and even to a place where we truly ‘get’ that All animals, not just dogs, cats and horses have value, lessons and messages for us fast paced, mind obsessed humans!

What do Dr Sheldrakes messages mean for us animal carers in the modern world?
Message: Animals are Telepathic
Meaning: When we are quiet and still enough we can build on our intuition and ‘know’ what our pets are feeling and sensing.
How often are we that quiet and still around our pets?

Message: Animals have a Morphic Field through which they connect with those closest to them.
Ruperts pioneering work with homing pigeons has shown this to be the case.
Meaning: We bond with those we feel the safest to be near, and with the place we feel most ‘at home.
For bonding and connection with a pet reducing anxiety is more important than ensuring your pet obeys commands.

Message: Morphic Fields contain information in vibration form, information that then influences how the whole field feels, what the whole field ‘knows’ and thus how it acts.
Meaning: Dogs have a morphic field of how to be a dog, chickens will have a morphic knowing of how to be a chicken, etc.
Perhaps even dog breeds have a morphic field of how to be that breed?

Message: Every living thing is a being of energy, of ‘vibratory information’ passed down generation by generation to be a certain way.
Meaning: What we are made of, what our lives are made up of is influence’able! Its all simply an energetic vibration of information.
We Can shape what happens to us, we Do have the ability to make changes by ‘Being the Change’ and being peace rather than fighting something, fearing something and being in the vibration of that which we do not want.

Message: Telepathy is not simply about the mind, we are in fact One.
Meaning: You can connect to an animal through its resonance, its energy vibration. These are not thoughts but more like feelings, or perhaps a connection to a ‘source knowledge’.
By practicing this way you can bypass the fears, separation and duality that the mind is so keen to include in our lives.

Message: Dr Sheldrake ordered veggie/vegan options at our meal!
Meaning: Above all what I got mostly from Dr Sheldrakes talk was that All animals that share this planet are important, not just the ones in our living rooms!
If you still contribute to the way some humans choose to keep animals for eating, do at least look into organic free-range, more caring options. Everything begins with a step in the next direction.

Sending you and your pets
Love and Sunshine,
on this rainy Autumn day