A warm ‘Woof’ to you from Foosa!
We both look forward to updating you on our adventures together… this is our first instalment.

Foosa arrived here on Sat 12th September. she travelled by plane from Phuket in Thailand over to Amsterdam and then by boat to Harwich in Essex where I collected her.
She is a 3 legged dog, from the Soi Foundation, one of the many dogs rescued from the meat trade that the Soi Foundation work so hard to try and end, and help as many dogs find loving homes as possible.

I met her on my trip over there to offer healing and physio to the dogs, in April.
As soon as I was able to offer her home she came over here to me.

We want to do all things Eco and Healthy. We would like to share all our purchases and adventures with you so you too can discover more about reducing your dogs Carbon Paw Print and ensuring you make lots of healthy choices for your dogs happiness and longevity.

First of all we have purchased an Eco dog Bed from Scuffs.
Foosa is being switched onto the raw diet from the dry food he had at the shelter. Currently she has had a few days on Barking Heads real meat meatloaf and will be switched onto raw next week.
beginning with the minces with supplements and then introducing bones the week after. I will keep you posted!

Switching to real meat wet food is a wonderful next step if raw feeding is too much for you at the moment. but not all are made the same! Make sure you get a true real meat wet food and not one labelling themselves natural but made with meat meal.

I will be ordering her a Hemp collar and lead ( she already has a great harness given to her by the Soi Foundation). Aswell as being ‘eco’ getting a hand made hemp collar supports small business and enterprising empowered people too which I always like to do rather than buy from large corporate companies, wherever possible.

Thats all for now, I hope you like the look of her 🙂

Please do let me know your recommendations for Eco and Natural care for Foosa!
What do you think she might like to own/use/eat?
( no mlm companies though please ;-))

Love and Sunshine for now
Caroline and Foosa