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The World's 1st Canine Oracle Card Deck!

Heart Oracle Card Deck For Dogs

25 Apr 2018

  • Spiritual Dogs

I am super excited to be launching this beautiful creation. It is something that has called to me time and time again, and I am 100% sure you are all going to LOVE it as much as I do!

There is no doubt our dogs seem to have an uncanny way of knowing how we feel. It is as if they are life’s balancers, supporting and grounding us at times of stress, providing unconditional love when we need it, and often sharing in our life purpose too.

Heart-warming stories of human-canine connections are frequently shared on Social Media. Who could forget the small Indian stray dog following the runner home, even across miles and miles of land, to finally become their new best friend?!

…and how often do we say ‘it’s as if my dog choose me’?!

Dog are noted time and time again for an ability to sense a person’s intentions, to be aware of things we might miss, and to sense who they want to spend time with and who they are most drawn to.

Both as a species, and individually, dogs are here to share healing and messages with us. They have an uncanny way of sensing what we need when we need it.

To create this unique card deck I have communicated and channelled messages from dogs both as a species, and individually. After over 25 years connecting with dogs on the energetic level, I have created this beautiful card deck to assist all people everywhere to connect with the dog’s magic and love. At any time, wherever you are, and even if you don’t own a dog!

Balancing, grounding and bringing love and light into challenges, mysteries and any life situation that their insights and energies may be called for. Supporting you through the card deck with their unconditional love and ability to heal and encourage your Flow. Whenever you need them, these loving, beautiful beings will be there for you.

The cards have also been created using sacred geometry. Creating subtle yet powerful frequencies that encourage transformation on all levels. The colours, geometry, and images are chosen specifically to enhance the messages and insights on each of the cards. The sacred geometric ratio of Phi connects us to all of nature, including our DNA and natural animal species like the canine realm.

You can grab a free set of these cards worth £21.95 alongside our ‘How To Read From Sacred Canine Heart Deck’ webinar in the Mystery School.

The Sacred Canine Heart Oracle Decks are also sold by Watkins Book Store, London, and the PositivEly store, Ely, Cambridgeshire.

If there was any year to launch these wonderful cards of wisdom in, then I feel the Chinese Year of the Dog was more than appropriate.

Interested? You can still Buy Oracle Card Deck for dogs


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