Why your dog bites
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Why Your Dog Bites

Do You Know Your Dog’s State of Life Force Energy?

26 Nov 2019

  • Dog Behaviour

All dogs have a way of navigating the world using a stronger intelligence, way beyond their mind. It is their ability to sense and ‘read’ and thus know the environment around them. They do this by sensing, by Feeling the world around them, and by actually allowing themselves to feel the things they feel: expressing their feelings rather than keeping them suppressed and ‘in’ their body.

Until, that is, we come along. We suppress those emotions, we limit their choice of actions, we literally stop them expressing their Life Force Flow. Now, we give ourselves good logical reason for doing that. Our fears and worries get aired as the reasoning. Or, all too often, we do this simply because it’s what society has told us is the ‘right thing to do’ - the more responsible thing to do – and there is no way we are going to experience dislike, mockery, loss of love, or any of those scary situations!

So we continue. And to be fair, we have got a whole lot nicer to the dog. We see them as 'feeling beings' now (for the most part) with emotional tendencies that need addressing, but we don’t truly See them. We don’t truly see the Life Force Flow that makes them up, that literally governs every single moment of their existence, that essentially IS them.

To almost quote (as his book is not directly here with me now) Dog Trainer Kevin Behan ‘’the dog is not aware of his feelings, he simply is them. He has No Idea why things happen to him, he just responds when they do’’

When we truly See our dogs for the way they see the world, it brings a whole new dimension into our reality. We can understand that All behaviours are simply an expression of Life Force Flow, of the dog’s feelings and emotions – which are the creative force in all beings. They are the force that leads even us with our logical minds to act the way we do.

To change a dog’s behaviour the worst thing you can do is limit, stop and suppress. This either suppresses the emotion into the dogs cells and becomes an ailment (#notwhatwewant) OR means the dogs has to find other ways to express themselves, which can show as a multitude of other behaviours or one big (not socially acceptable) behaviour that keeps flaring up, appearing to have 'no reasoning' (which is kind of the point but do read on).

This is why they Bite: because it a natural expression of emotional Life Force Flow.

Utilising this understanding of Life Force Flow in behaviour transformation can be done safely, it’s not simply ‘let’s allow a free for all’!! That also mistakes the dog for a simple instinctive being, one that evolved to bite and thus 'win'. This Life Force intelligence goes beyond instinct. It is the dog’s ability to feel and express. Dogs want to feel peace and love, and be at one with all of nature, too. They don’t just choose to bite when ‘given the chance to’, they are social animals - if biting is happening with your dog then an approach that allows them to express and flow their Life Force Energy outside of the behaviour is needed.

What is almost always needed is for the dogs main human soulmate or friend to also allow themselves to flow too. If they are suppressing their flow then the dog feels this and this contributes - it's NOT the full reason for a behaviour but contributes to the dogs stuck flow too.

Dogs use their mouth to express. To them, biting is not ‘mean’, wrong or nasty. To them, it is the socially acceptable thing you do to express your energy. They do not use a bite unless all other avenues of expression have been tried and failed first – OR they are so full of suppression and pent up Life Force that it all rushes out in one go at certain times.

The way to solve this is to find a way that allows the dogs emotional expression OUTSIDE Of THE BEHAVIOUR and to make sure the dogs main human friend (owner), also addresses their Life force flow too. One without the other is not the answer. Do both and everything shifts.

But HOW do you do it? And do it 'safely' for our society (who ultimately fear and fear the suffering of a 'bite' and all that goes along with that)?

Funnily enough, that’s what I’ve created Canine Flow to teach you all about. Just like magic, ‘tah dah’ here it is :)

If you are truly ready for it, that is. Truly ready to release your life purpose and your Flow as well as allowing your dog to be in theirs, and express emotionally. Ooh and btw this is not a new thing really – the ancients new the importance of Heart-based Life Force Flow. They even built temples to honour the frequencies of it! To honour and strengthen it in them. They lived by it (#anubisrocks!) and so does Canine Flow.

Come on a retreat study the online course (with £88 off in November 2019) if you ask me for the code!)

With much gratitude, flow and sharing,

Caroline & Foosa


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