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Why dogs can sniff out cancer in blood samples in 97% of cases

Category: Dog Behaviour | 15 Sep 2021

Have you recently read about this fabulous study? I love it, but not for the reason you might initially conclude!

In Canine Flow we teach the (proven) fact that all scent is actually a vibration, and that our dogs are picking up the vibration via their VNO (Vomeronasal organ) rather than simply being able to detect smells with their nose.

A dogs VNO in effect reads, or senses, ALL electromagnetic information – as we regularly explain this includes your own hearts emotional fields. This is actually the way they read the whole world and navigate their way through life.

Being able to detect everything around them via vibration is the reason why they don’t need to think/plot/plan/try-to work-things-out-mentally but can always Feel what is the most attractive thing/strongest magnetic pull, to move towards.

The VNO is not the only way they detect information, their incredibly large heart per body mass also suppawts this, as do other aspects of them we teach in Canine Flow.

The dogs in this study are able to sense the blood sample so well because blood is an electromagnetic substance, full of Iron, and one we know has spinning molecules, and so a deep vibrational current.

”Dogs are able to detect tiny odour concentrations, around one part per trillion – the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic sized swimming pools.” (from article)

Once you know about a dogs true way to read and navigate the world via vibration, and their Heart not their mind, you start to see everything differently. Including studies like this! Their is a huge amount of Science behind Canine Flow when you can see it!

Although the 100’s of dogs and owners who feel calmer, content and happier having experienced or learnt it don’t need science to tell them that their lives have been transformed. The evidence is felt by them, believe me once you have felt it their little going back. It is like a cloud lifts and all of life appears differently to you. You really deeply understand that your dog is here to literally lead you back to your Heart. Are you ready to be there?


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