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What Is Emotional Energy?

E’Motion: Energy In Motion

18 Feb 2016

  • Understanding Canine Flow

Emotional Energy is the flow of emotions going through a living creature, the Life Force Flow. As emotions are felt, they are also called feelings.

All choices of behaviour depend on how your dog feels at any given moment. Their behaviour, whether labelled as ‘good or bad’, is simply an expression of their Emotional Energy in that moment.

When Emotional Energy is able to be expressed it becomes balanced and keeps flowing. This enhances your dog’s mental and physical performance too. Without balanced Emotional Energy, your dog’s mental and physical energies are unable to reach their highest potential.

Emotional Energy is at the route of all that we see in our dogs: their choices of behaviour, their actions to ground and express the energy, and even their ailments. Understanding Emotional Energy, and how we can influence it, is for me the underlying key to our dog’s behaviour and wellbeing. And yet very few people are talking about it!

Until the pioneering work of Dr Candace Pert in the 1970's, few scientists even realised that the mind and the body functions as one, as a whole unit. Dr Candace proved through rigorous experiments and Laureate prize-winning science that each cell in the body has the capacity to receive emotional information. Not just the cells of the brain, but every cell in the body, including even the cells of the immune system.

Nowadays many more scientists and researchers have also shown the effect emotions have on health issues and on behavioural choices. The Institute of HeartMath have been instrumental in providing scientific papers on the much stronger impact the heart has over feelings, compared to the brain, or mind. They have proven that the heart is 5000 times more influential than the brain in terms of emotional frequency.

The emerging field of Quantum Biology is also providing fascinating insights into the value of Emotional Energy on a creature’s choice of behaviour and their well-being. The term ‘we are all made of energy’ is no longer in question.

When we talk about being ‘made of energy’ Emotional Energy is what we really mean. Our Emotional Energy, our molecules of emotion, is really what we are made of: a flowing force, or frequency vibration, that begins with the heart and reaches all of our cells, and our, seemingly external, lives through our intention and focus of it.

Dogs live by their feelings because they are experiencing them deeply in each given moment. Unlike us humans, they are not judging themselves, analysing what they should or shouldn’t have done, or plotting for their future – they are living directly in the moment. They are living by their Emotional Energy, and influencing their mental and physical abilities with it too. They are not being aware of their emotions as separate to themselves, they ARE their emotions. They literally ARE what they FEEL. Thus behaviour is not a thought-based choice.

We experience more anxiety, discomfort or ailments the more we try to analyse our emotions with our minds, avoid them or suppress them. However, when we find ways to live in our hearts rather than our minds, we release stuck Emotional Energy, allow it to move and flow again and we begin to feel better. This happens for our dogs too, attempting to support them to think more is missing the place of origin of behaviour, it also moves ourselves and our dogs away from the heart, and our chance to connect on a soul level.

Many things can influence a dog’s Emotional Energy, including: tension, choices of diet, environment, repetitive feelings, the Emotional Energy of people or other animals around them and whether they are given the chance to express and ground their Emotional Energy flow.

We can learn to influence how our dogs behave, feel and heal by working with their Emotional Energy. This involves using techniques and ways of being with dogs that both improve the flow of emotions, and release stuck emotions. We find with Canine Flow you do not need to train a dog out of a behaviour, often by introducing limitations to them we stop the Energy Flow and unwittingly strengthen the dogs frustration, anxiety or fears.

When you work with your dog as a unit and see their Life Force Flow, you will both find you can grow together, achieving happiness, peace and wellbeing on many levels.
My aim is always to facilitate the catalysts for that to happen!
The changes and transformations that happen on my Retreats and Classes never cease to amaze me. It is so exciting to be able to open hearts and human minds to the potential of emotional energy aka 'life force flow' work for dog behaviour, training and well-being.
It is long overdue! :)


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