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Water Consciousness, Meeting Veda Austin

Could Dogs & Water be sharing the same message to us?

06 Feb 2024

  • Understanding Canine Flow

One of my most exciting reality-creations lately has been to interview water researcher Veda Austin in my nearest town - quite an achievement considering Veda lives and works with her water memory research all the way over in New Zealand!
No sooner had I wondered how I may get to meet and interview Veda her did I see a post on her UK talk, just the one at the time – and it was actually in Exeter, Devon. Amazing. Veda went on to host two other talks in the UK, and stayed the whole time in Devon, just up the road from me.

However, why do Foosa and I love Veda?
Veda’s unique discoveries into Waters memory has involved trees, birds, plants, her own cats, and many dogs in particular a Schnauzer dog who happened to be drinking from a water bowl in her local café. Veda captured some of that water, and using her special water freezing technique was able to show an image of the Schnauzer in the ice that formed.

Studying water from the perspectives of science, art and consciousness, Veda ‘s research has demonstrated Water not only stores information but can also share information via a crystallographic photo-based medium. Her crystallography technique involves partially freezing water samples in petri dishes, allowing Water to form incredible images in the ice. She then photographs and documents the messages that water has displayed.

During our fascinating conversation we discovered many parallels between Water and dogs. Veda revealed that Water is much more interested in what we are Feeling than what we are thinking. When teaching people how to communicate with Water, Veda advises we step out of our ‘thinking mind’ and into a ‘Heart-centred’ place. And, just like our dogs, Water encourages us to ‘Be’ in the present moment rather than focusing on the past or the future, to live in the ‘Now’ and not to be afraid of what may or may not happen next. So it appears Water and dogs are sharing exactly the same wisdom with us.

According to Veda, Water simply won’t ‘play’ if you’re feeling angry or frustrated. Similar to dogs, Water can sense our emotions and energetic vibrations. Furthermore, both Water and dogs can appear to react negatively in some way when we’re out of balance, reflecting back our lower frequencies or subconscious feelings at the time so we can notice them, and realign with our naturally loving, peaceful and joyful state of being.

It was wonderful to hear Veda talk about the importance of charging up from sunlight and Earthing through contact with the ground – describing humans as “liquid crystal walking solar panels”!
The sun and the Earth help both dogs and humans to re-charge their cellular batteries. That’s why being outdoors in nature is so vitally important for human and canine health.

Based on her research findings, Veda also suggested some simple ways for creating the most healing drinking water, plus her method for alchemizing Water into 100% safe and natural medicine that’s suitable for healing both you and your dog.

I learned so much about Water’s magical properties from Veda during our one-hour podcast and highly recommend you catch the full conversation for some truly mind-expanding concepts and information.

I hope you and your dog enjoy Veda and I’s extraordinary interview.
You can catch it on my YouTube channel here.
Please comment and let Foosa and I know if you enjoyed it :)


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