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The Principles Of Canine Flow

Dog Training And Care, Done Differently

24 Oct 2018

  • Understanding Canine Flow

What Makes Canine Flow Different?

What principles do we aim to share, experience and understand in our techniques with dogs?

Dogs Are Feeling Rather Than Thinking Beings
In Canine Flow we focus on a dog’s feelings, aka their emotions, as the true driver behind all behaviours.
What they may be thinking, or whether they think or not, is not our focus. How they Feel always is.

Emotions/Feelings Are Electromagnetic Energy Frequencies Guided By The Heart (Rather Than The Mind)
We are big fans of the research and science behind the power of the Heart and the fact it governs feelings, and thus behaviours and actions.

Dogs Are Natural Energy Balancers
Dogs act to exchange, re-balance and ground the Energies they see, feel, hear or sense in their many unique ways. For instance, almost every act of what we label aggression is actually a dog grounding sensed energy. No personal, thought about, or meant, ill-will is ever present.

Dogs And Owners Are Reflections Of One Another
The dog has the biggest heart per body mass of any animal. This enables them to connect with us in ways others creatures do not. Dogs really feel what we feel, they literally take on, or become, the emotions we carry - both our emotions felt consciously but far more influential to them are those we carry subconsciously, which are the emotions that underlie our own choices and behaviours.

We Work with your dogs Life Force Flow.
Your Dog’s State Of Being Outside Of The Behaviour matters to us, Encouraging Their Expression Of And Flow Of Emotions. A dog ‘in the flow’ displays less behaviours humanity find fearful or unsocial. Rather than focusing on a specific behaviour or how to manage it at the time is it occurring, our aim is to transform anything that may be contributing to the behaviour choice being made. Our techniques reduce restrictions and control, rather than encourage it.

A Dog Is Never Trying To Be ‘In-Charge’ (Or Dominant, As We Often Label It)
A dog simply ‘has a charge’ of Emotional Energy, which for any number of reasons, was or is, blocked from flow and thus results in undesirable behaviour. As owners, it is our act of care to ensure they do not become blocked, to understand them and release any blocks in their flow that are already present when we meet them. In Canine Flow we find some of the strongest aspects of doing so are gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance.

Put Being Before Doing
Peace is created by being peaceful. Ultimately the aim for all control is actually to feel at peace. In Canine Flow we encourage the concept of being the peace you wish to feel. We are fantastic ‘do’ers in dog training and care: always searching for the next thing we can ‘do’ to create change or to learn more. We have found that by putting the Being part first, changes happen more effortlessly.

Intention Is Everything
Feelings can be transformed using Canine Flow’s specialised energy techniques, as long as the correct intentions are used. We are encouraged to move beyond our own limiting beliefs to provide intentions that open up potentials and build equality for the owner and the dog rather than separation.

It’s Not Just About Helping Dogs
We each as practitioners (or students) of Canine Flow feel a strong sense of purpose to not only make a difference to dogs but also to their owners, and whilst doing so, also contribute to peaceful, impactful change for all of humanity and planet earth.

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