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The Canine Mystery School – Opens!

Ancient secrets and divine wisdom shared

Category: Spiritual Dogs | 10 Aug 2020

The Canine Mystery School is here to share with you ancient secrets, divine wisdom and higher truths that will elevate your ascension process, transform your dogs behaviours and align you to receive the happiness, peace and abundance that is literally held within your DNA. We present the liberating truth behind all canine behaviours by blending both science and spirituality.

We present:
Tools and techniques to clear negative or unhealthy frequencies from your dogs, and your own reality.
Unique ways to transform behaviour and understand the true motivations behind your dogs expressions and actions.
The science behind these methods, we blend science and spirituality in every-day language. This is not simply psychic, or magic – we work with measurable advancement techniques.

Our dogs are reminders of our sacred potential to live fully-aligned with the Heart. Your dog chose you! To support you (suppawt you) on your journey, and has likely even led you here to the Canine Mystery School.

Canine Flow is a system of life enhancement for your dog, for you and for all of humanity. Equally supporting Gaia and all her beautiful animals to reach peace and alignment.
We know energy techniques powerfully heal the physical, now let’s apply that understanding to training, care & life with our dogs. Watching as things begin to shift and transform.
This is beyond healing, beyond telepathy and way beyond the limits of our minds.

You and your dog can enrol in the Canine Mystery School today!
Lessons begin in Sept 2020. It’s also completely Free.
Enrol today


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