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Study Highlights Why Professional Canine Hypnotherapy Works

27 Sep 2022

  • Dog Behaviour

In 2016 a lovely lecturer (Dr Tamara Montrose) and her degree student (Clarissa Brayley) from Hartpury University decided to run a study researching which type of audio, if any, calmed a dog in a rescue kennel the most.

To cut to the chase, excitingly the results showed it was actually the human voice when reading out a book, that did so. The dogs showed the calmest behaviours during the two hours this audio was played to them.

Other options the dogs were played included classical music, pop music, silence, and even music designed for dogs. Yet, the audio books shone through as the clear top calming audio for the dogs.

Our Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audios receive fantastic reviews, with dogs who usually find events like Fireworks Night hard to cope with actually coping for the first time ever during those events. Plus, anxious or over-excited dogs become calmer and more settled at all times.

I still feel the audios were almost channelled at the time I recorded them, bringing with them a powerful intention to support dogs and bring a sense of safe, loving, calm to them, and even their guardians too. The audios are a blend of my professional Hypnotherapy training, and the Canine Flow take on behaviours being linked to emotional grounding and the dogs heart and soul, rather than the dogs mind.

Getting back to the study from Hartpury, this was published in the Journal of Applied Animal Science in February 2016. When audio books are read out they do follow a sort of pattern, certainly more so than simply chatting, which is much more akin to the Canine Hypnotherapy audios. Perhaps in the future our audios can also be included as part of the study?! Lets see what the Universe can arrange :)

In the meantime, do make sure your dog has a copy as Fireworks season is coming up! The General Relaxation and Fireworks audio It will be a wonderful addition to your Dog Calming Kit.

More info on the Hartpury University work can be found here:


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