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How Even A Deaf Dog Was Helped With Canine Hypnotherapy!

Snoop's Story

04 Apr 2017

  • Understanding Canine Flow

This is what happened when one nervous dog called Snoop began Professional Canine Hypnotherapy (PCH).

Behaviour issues assisted include: nervousness, anxiety from being touched, cowering, running up to other dogs, and excessive licking. Bless him! I am grateful he was able to find our work.

After 1 Day of PCH:
Hi Caroline, Just wanted to share my initial observations having played the recording when we all went to bed last night. This morning, Snoop is already more settled. Yesterday I was pretty worried about him as since his vet visit last Thursday, he's got progressively more frightened of me hurting him, shown by him backing out of the way when I was walking towards him/near him, lowered body/cowering. So already today he's not showing the signs of being nervous around me or scared I'm going to hurt him. I can walk up to him normally and stroke him fine and he's happy to just stand still while he's around me and I'm pottering about. This is BIG progress from yesterday!

4 Days On:
Just wanted to mention the further improvements I'm noticing with Snoop. He's generally more chilled-out around me and family/friends - he's always been sensitive and a bit standoff-ish, I think because he's afraid of being hurt, but this is definitely lessening and he's more confident around me and others. He'd also started to be reluctant to come back to me at the end of walks and seemed afraid of his/my other dogs leads (cowering), but this too is lessened and he's far easier to get back to put on the lead at the end of walks. I'm so pleased with all these improvements. I've tried other methods previously - essential oils, supplements, Reiki - but none have led to noticeable differences.

After 2 Weeks:
I'm continuing to see improvements - Snoop's calmer around other dogs (he's always been appeasing but would run up to dogs and give a little bark, now he seems more confident and doesn't need to run up to them. Also, he's licking himself less, though it may be too early to say this for sure. He's licked himself a lot regularly (to the point of completely soaking his whole side!) for years. Before the audio, he was soaking himself once perhaps twice per week, but since the audio he's not soaked himself at all (touchwood!!).

1 Month On:
Just a quick note, Snoop's still not licking excessively. This is unusual - but most welcome! He is still calmer and more confident around other dogs too. I can't wait for my 'Reach Your Pawtential' seminar and subsequent Practitioner Training, Helen x

And Guess What?
Snoop is actually DEAF. Yes, he changed even without being fully able to even hear the hypnotherapy audios! Showing just how impawtent Intention, Energy and the owners Emotional changes are in changing a dog behaviours. Essentially in this case, more than simply changing behaviour, what matters most is that this work made Snoop happier. xx


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