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Ancient Secrets Of Our Retreat Centre

Goddess Ceridwen & Canine Flow

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Back in 2009, when I discovered the Ceridwen Retreat Centre online quite by chance, I had no idea that the venue would become so meaningful. That Ceridwen would hold correlations to techniques I would go on develop years down the line!

This serves as another example of how life points you in the direction of your life purpose when you begin to move forwards to what you want to do, be and importantly, how you want to feel.

Ceridwen is such a beautiful empowering place, and I am blessed to be able to gather dogs and their owners there amongst the transformational energies.

Ceridwen is noted as the goddess who governs rebirth, transformation and inspiration - wonderful aspects to engage with on a Retreat. As goddess of transformation, Ceridwen could change into animals easily. Of the four she chose, one was the dog and one was the Otter, known to nature enthusiasts as the water dog.

The Spiral is also linked to the ancient Welsh history of Ceridwen, the Earth Mother and Goddess of Nature. Her temple was known as the Caer Sidi, which translated into English means ‘The Circle of Revolution’ or ‘The Spiral Grail Castle’. We utilise the power of Spirals as part of our Canine Flow practices.

Perhaps you and your dog will join me there at some point this year and discover the transformation for yourself.

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