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Our Dogs Need Us To Understand This

08 Mar 2017

  • Spiritual Dogs

I discovered a wonderful thing while teaching in Israel this weekend: the word for 'dog' in Hebrew, the traditional language of Israel, is 'Kelev' which literally translates as ‘like a heart’.

As one of the oldest languages in the world, how something made you feel would have played a strong role in the creation of the language. Perhaps they really did see more in our dogs, seeing the way they reflect our own feelings and emotions, and their ability to connect with us on a Heart-based, rather than mind-based, level.

We are powerful beings and very often forget just how much impact our Heart frequencies will be having on the world around us. We relate to the world from our minds and believe we are creating our reality through our thoughts and intentional beliefs only. Yet our Heart is really at the root of all that we see in our world, all that we send out, and thus what we receive back.

The Heart is essentially our subconscious mind. It is proven to be hugely more powerful than the mind and our thoughts at influencing or creating our reality. Of which our dogs are part of. They are the creature in the world with the biggest Heart per body mass. They are sensing or ‘picking up’ what is going on for us emotionally all the time – I mean all the time!

Behaviour issues can arise when, for whatever reason on our part, our dogs either cannot reach us - match up to us emotionally in order to ground their own emotions onto us, or they receive unsettling emotional messages from our Heart.

Dogs sense everything in their world as a frequency – literally everything. They live by what they feel, see, hear and smell as frequencies. Yet it's not biological smelling in the way they would smell some lovely sausages, it's their vomeronasal organ (VNO) that they use to intake energy frequencies through their nose area. The VNO is like a sensor that they use to smell our hormones and emotions at the chemical level, as well as picking up the frequencies emitted from our Hearts via their own Hearts.

To the dog, there is no ‘good or bad’ there is just Energy: Energy to be shifted, balanced or transformed, such as fear, imbalance, anxiety and concern, or Energy to be absorbed like peace and love.

All behaviours are acted from the Energy frequencies felt by the dog. It is that simple. A dog biting another dog is almost 99% of times simply trying to problem solve and transform or shift the Energy it feels either coming from the other dog or the Energy felt in the dog itself because it is unable to ground emotionally with its owner. Or because another strong Energy nearby during the situation has influenced how they feel - such as a strong Electromagnetic Field (EMF) for instance.

Understanding dogs as beings operating on Emotional Energy is key to truly understanding how a dog sees and reads the world around him, and why he or she responds the way they do. It removes the limiting belief of blame and challenges duality. But it also teaches us to trust and be at peace, and to see everything on planet Earth as the true Energy being it actually is: plant, person, pet.

We can - and my practitioners do - change dog behaviours by changing the Energies that make them up, and that they are holding and sensing around them. No other training tactics are needed. Behaviours simply transform and almost 'melt away' for want of a better term.

Owners become emotionally balanced - dogs feel safer and happier - behaviours change - the world is made more peaceful! And that is the really impawtent point ;)

I was so very blessed to go to Israel and teach this wonderful way of understanding transforming dog behaviour. It was a real synchronicity and I’m sure no accident that the first country I take my work too outside of the UK is one who's traditional language values dogs in such a way!

If this resonates with you, please do contact me. Come and join us, and share with the world what our dogs are truly teaching us.

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