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Meet Some of Our Advocates

04 Jun 2022

  • Understanding Canine Flow

Canine guardians find Canine Flow for all sorts of reasons.

Here, two of our lovely advactaes highlight what they love about Canine Flow.

Becky, UK Practitioner from Essex and rescue dog specialist, shares how Canine Flow has supported her with her 22 rescue dogs. Becky is truly amazing, taking on many rescues deemed dog-to-dog aggressive, who with Becky's care, managed to fit in with her other dogs in no time. Becky's beautiful Romanian shelter dogs and her latest love Mastiffs (including Bella, who is one of Becky's heart dogs) support Becky to find her own Flow and share her wisdom with us all too.

Meet Becky and Bella in 'How Canine Flow Helped Me and My 22 Rescue Dogs!'


ZsaZsa, UK Practitioner from Kent, who is an avid sea swimmer and patient canine guardian of rescue Mastiff, BooBoo, and now Lanto Lightfoot. ZsaZsa is a powerful lightworker with bags of common sense, wisdom and love to share.

Meet ZsaZsa and BooBoo in 'How Canine Flow Transformed my Dog's Aggressive Behaviours.'


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The Principles Of Canine Flow