Is your dog from the 5th Dimension?
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Is Your Dog From The 5th Dimension?

Metatron’s Message

26 Oct 2018

  • Spiritual Dogs

A few years ago I was experiencing this, I was being shown time and time again the concept that:

”Our Dogs and Cats are here from another dimension to assist us to reach 5th Dimensional or higher frequencies. Dogs especially are here with us to assist humanity to progress spiritually, emotionally and energetically.”

Further more,
”Wolves have their own sacred contract, they are beings of light in their own right, sharing very powerful shamanic work. It does not serve us or them to blend the two different beings. So, rather than having been wolves, that lived in hierarchies of any kind, dogs are actually here via another dimension, to show us the value of equality, trust and our own hearts ability to create the peace and happiness we not only deserve as our birthright but actually do have the ability to experience, if we get out of our own way.”

This concept did correspond with my knowledge of and teachings on dog behaviour, but it went further than that. It highlighted that we, as humans, have been so keen to stick in our lower frequencies of blame, victim, and drama stories, that we have held on to beliefs about our dogs which have actually kept us in those 3 aspects. Our beliefs about dogs have allowed us a certain reasoning that let us stay small and in separation.

We have believed dogs exist in, or that they want to have, hierarchy instead of equality. We believe they are mind-based, thought-based animals instead of the feeling-based, heart-based, incredibly ‘knowing’ and wise animals they actually are.

The Heart holds the true wisdom, it is the mind that blames: the other dog owner, the other dog, the vet, or essentially anything or anyone outside of ourselves. By staying in that lower frequency we have limited ourselves and our growth, and we missed the true multi-dimensional nature of ourselves, and of our canine friends.

Dogs are now showing up in front of almost anyone who wonders if there is more to life, anyone with a deep shadow that needs to lift, and those with hidden subconscious Emotional Energies that need to be transformed for them to evolve spiritually.

They are also drawing out our Heart's Wisdom: that place of intuition, creativity and knowing, rather than the logical, analytical, more mind-based energies.

Essentially, in short Dogs are here to, and truly are, opening humanities Heart.

If you are reading this, it's highly like your dog is from the 5th Dimension. Or perhaps even one beyond…

In the last year or so, my Canine Flow and Retreat teachings have been more and more guided to share this teaching, this concept, that I felt was hard to share. My own spiritual growth has led me to discover evolved Dimensions are actually Very Real. 5th Dimensional frequencies (and higher) really are here on planet Earth, and really can be connected into and channelled through for our ascension.

Another piece to the puzzle was being sent this link on a channelling by Archangel Metatron, by one of my wonderful Canine Flow practitioner-students. Synchronistically, I was sent this only a week after I found and purchased a beautiful sacred geometry pendant at Leicester Vegan Fair, which, it turned out, was Metatron’s Cube! (Pictured with the blog).

Metatron’s message to mankind is one of the same concept as my original idea and channelling (as you can read below).

Maybe you wonder if your dog is from the 5th Dimension? (Or even if your cat is). Foosa is, and my cat Fika is, for sure.

I plan more blogs and maybe even videos about this!

You can find out if your dog is with you for a purpose, but also how to suppawt your 5D dog, and how to achieve greater success and happiness by understanding their true messages for humanity.

With Love,

The channelling I was sent of Metatron is found on the website of and channelled by James Tyberonn /

Animal Consciousness: The Benevolent Nature of Cats and Dogs
The Sacred Felidae

The Felidae are a Feline species who originate on Sirius A. These are Beings that have entered the EarthPlane since ancient times in specific roles and formats. The versions currently in physical form on the Earth-Plane are in what may be termed the Feline and Canine family. These physical formats on the EarthPlane are here to support you, and in their physical matrix are but a portion of the consciousness of their Sirian nature. That is because the Felidae expression on the Earth are in group-soul format, and are not here to evolve as a species, but rather to support the Earth and assist humanity in evolution. The greater part of their consciousness is above the level of the EarthPlane.

Their renewed role on the Earth includes assisting the shift-transition from the declining magnetic polarity grid to the evolving Crystalline Grid.


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