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How We Can Help Dogs With Firework Fears

Highlighting Further Studies

24 Oct 2018

  • Understanding Canine Flow

This article looks at the effects of silence vs noise. It highlights so many things to consider with our dogs but also highlights why our work may be working so well to assist dogs with firework fears, or other sound sensitivity.

  1. This section shows how noise sensitivity audios are absolutely NOT the way to go for things like fireworks.
    "The study showed that children exposed to noise developed a stress response which actually caused them to ignore the noise. He found that the children ignored both the harmful noise of the airport, along with other more everyday noises, such as speech.''
    Please consider our gentle Hypnotherapy audio

  2. Also we include pauses in both our Professional Canine Hypnotherapy and our Spiral Energy technique for this exact reason. We have known them to be vital for processing and contributing to the ‘information’ that is around and intended and given to the dog during the practice of the two modalities.
    ”The two minute pauses were far more relaxing for the brain than the relaxing music or the longer silence that was in place before the experiment.”

Our RelaxDog classes do really provide so much more than simply a nice quiet time with your dog. The calming effect happens for a lot of different reasons but this is definitely one of them.

We aim to, successfully do, and can assist you and your dog with things like sound sensitivity, but equally no matter what behaviour the dog is showing, our approach is being shown time and time again to not only work but have scientific backing, often in ways we were not expecting ourselves!

”The brain recognises silence and responds powerfully. Later research* by a Duke University Regenerative Biologist, Imke Kirste, discovered that two hours of silence per day prompted cell development in the hippocampus, the brain region related to the formation of memory, involving the senses."

With Light,
Caroline and all Canine Flow Advocates

*Read the research


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