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How to be in the Flow with your dog this Christmas

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Category: Dog Behaviour | 01 Nov 2021

To a dog everything is measured by its frequency. Now we don’t mean how often something happens, but the information the dog receives from its unique abilities to sense and read the energy of situations, people and items. They have an organ in their upper mouth/nose area called the Vomeronasal Organ, or VNO for short. This organ is linked with the detection of scents but is also used by the dog to sense the feelings of people around them, and other energies that may be nearby. At Christmas time the amount of energetic information in your household can often rise, a lot! Extra colours, lights, sounds, smells and human emotions of excitement, sadness or guilt can all play a role in your dog’s perception of the world around them at Christmas. These are all energies your dog will pick up on through their unique way. Your dog also has the biggest heart per body mass of Any animal. Subconscious emotions you feel around this time of year will also felt strongly your dog.This alone can impact their behaviours. In my 25 years of developing and using our dog training method Canine Flow I have seen the biggest changes in dogs whose owners re-align themselves to be in the Flow at stressful times or periods of excitement.

1 Your own time-out breathing deeply, meditating and re-balancing yourself will have a huge impact on how your dog copes and feels over Christmas.

2 Your dog must have more oppawtunity to ground, which means to release their emotional flow at this time of year. This is so impawtant for them. Ways include:


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