How the Fibonacci Sequence relates to dog training
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How the Fibonacci Sequence Relates to Dog Training

November 23rd is Dedicated Fibonacci Day

23 Nov 2019

  • Understanding Canine Flow

Today is Fibonacci day, because in USA format the date 11/23 is the beginning of this unique and arguably most interesting number sequence humanity has ever discovered. Essentially it is the Code of Life.

What is this number sequence?
The sequence goes 1,1,2,3,5,8, 13, 21, 34 and onwards, ad finitum.
Each time the preceding two numbers are added together to create the next, making it a sequence of direct expansion, in fact it has been described as the Self 1, becoming aware of its-Self, another 1 and thus creating the 2, the duality, and the subsequent expansion and growth of conscious awareness.

It is the ratios of the Fibonacci Sequence that we also call the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio.

The golden mean is expressed as the ever-expanding spiral. The mathematics of the Growth of Life: Plants unfurling, plant growth from a seed, has been shown to move or Flow according to the Fibonacci Spiral, as do weather systems, hurricanes and whirlpools. Seen most obviously in snail shells, beach shells, pine cones, pineapples, and the centre of sunflowers. The Golden Ratio or Mean is evident in all of Life itself - including us!

Each of our body parts can be attributed to the dimensions of the sequence, the ratios of our individual arms to hands, our spine and even our very DNA's helix! Even our heartbeat measurements, known as Heart Coherence, have been shown by the Institute of HeartMath to measure at the Golden Ratio when we feel the emotion of Love.
Not grief, not gratitude - although that comes close - but the feeling of Love expresses in measurement as the Golden ratio. The heart is actually a spiral, its is a muscle that is twisted into a spiral form, leaving two chambers at either side.
catch the YT videos from Gil Hedley Ph.D for a deep explanation of this)

We use the Fibonacci Sequence within Canine Flow.
Initially, I discovered that including the Fibonacci spiral within our energy techniques appeared to create deeper, quicker change for the dogs and owners.
Subsequently, I learned of the value and importance of all Geometry in terms of our spiritual growth, and how light, guided by sound vibrations, becomes the life forms and even life situations, we see in our reality.

To make changes in our dog's behaviours, we are challenged to understand them from the soul, spirit and life force flow point of view. This Life-Force-Flow is essentially our emotions, our opportunity to be in Heart-Coherent Love as often as possible: transforming behaviours and creating our own reality using, or from, that measurable Divine Force.

We feel we are connected to our dogs. The Fibonacci Sequence and Ratio teachings provide further meaning behind that feeling. We find continually that to include this Life-Force Flow aspect of our dogs into our way of seeing and influencing their behaviour, makes more lasting changes. It also explains so much more of their choices of behaviours, way beyond the mind.

The ancients knew of the geometry linked in with the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence. So far, all of the ancient megalithic structures found have mathematical measurements that follow this sacred geometry. This surely cannot be pure coincidence. Either communication between continents was easier than we presume of those eras, or they all use the same measurements based on what they discovered by studying the cosmos, the stars and astrology. Which does, by the way, also adhere to and expand on this same identical ratio and numerical sequence.

Interestingly, I discovered that whilst the number sequence was published in 1202, it has actually been mentioned as far back as 450BC, in ancient Sanskrit teachings. They too knew of its importance in terms of the Life Force Flow of our nature, that of our Kundalini Rising: an energy they describe as our Divine Energy Force.

Finally, I felt compelled to look up what the name Fibonacci actually means. I was amazed to discover that it is in fact ‘son of’ Bonacci, which in Latin means Bonus or ‘Good’. I couldn’t help making the leap in my mind to 'Son of God'. How fascinating that the more known discoverer and publisher of such information in the modern-day world, should have this name. Perhaps the only genuine coincidence for the Fibonacci? Or not...


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