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Has Your Dog Visited You In A Dream?

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Has your dog ever visited you from the afterlife....?
Or perhaps sent you signs they are safe and happy in the next dimension?

During my time working at kennels I was blessed to also look after the proprietors own dogs, gorgeous huggable Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. Over the 18 years I cared for 2 generations, watching as they lived over 13 years. Healthy on a raw meat diet, homeopathic nosodes and fun playing and guarding the house and kennels. They were the most gorgeous, majestic, friendly breed of dogs to be around.

I was close to all of them. One, named Poppy, I was particularly close to, spending a lot of adventures and fun times with. I was present at her birth, literally catching her as she was born, and her head was on my lap the moment she passed away.

Poppy lived for only 9 years, but taught me so much. She had been given 3 months to live after a diagnosis of bone cancer aged 6. But with a Holistic approach the cancer had been localised, much to our traditional local vets amazement! It was able to be cut away, leaving her with only 3 legs but another 3 years left with us.

A couple of weeks after she died, Poppy came to me in a dream. It was one of few very vivid, real dreams I have experienced. Poppy was so happy. She lifted me up, taking me on a trip around the sky and over what seems like the Earth. She kept proudly showing me her leg (telepathically) saying ''Look, everything is ok, I've got it back! - I can run and go anywhere here, its an amazing place to be.''

Alongside Poppy and myself, on our night adventure, was a small wire haired ginger looking Terrier with a pointy nose. A dog I had never met before despite the many dogs that had been in and out of the kennels, and part of my life. A truly wonderful dream experience.

The next day as I excitedly described what had happened to my boss, she wondered if the dog with Poppy had been her first dog, as he was a gingery looking Terrier. Once a photo had been located I could only stare in amazement as it indeed was the dog with Poppy and I in my vision! A dog I hadn't even known about, let alone seen or met before.

To this day I am feel sure that yes, we do all create our reality, but an element of fate is at play too, and there is another dimension, place, or perhaps we shall call it, another Vibrational State that we can all exist in. A place of peace and contentment, where the beliefs and stories we have about our lives don't have such a hold over us. A place where time is not linear.

We do now live in a structured world, but by practicing techniques that bring us back to the present moment we can connect with that state of non linear time, and then truly connect with all that has been, and perhaps even all that will be.

Share your story!

You all know I love nothing more than meeting or e-meeting your dogs, and hearing all about them. I would love to hear if you have shared a similar experience to mine, and if it is not too personal perhaps I can share it in another of my newsletters too!

With Gratitude, Love and Sunshine


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