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Maximise The Benefits Of Earthing For Dogs

Grounding and Earthing is Wonderful for Canine Health and Behaviour

  • Health and Wellbeing

Earthing or Grounding is all about absorbing the Earth's electro properties and is a proven anti-inflammatory tool (check out Dr James Oschman on YouTube). With our dogs kept more and more either inside, on pavements or on plastic grass, many are completely missing out on the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits!

Here are ways to power up your Earthing and get amazing benefits:

Contact More Skin to the Ground
The feet are especially designed to conduct and offer the faster simplest way to ground, but the rest of your body can do so too. In the movie "Grounded" the main character lies almost naked on earth.

Connect for Longer - Benefits You and Your Dog Can Expect
A few minutes of Grounding is great. Instantly when you start to conduct up the electrons, there is measurable change in EEG brain waves to calmer states. Muscles and skin membranes also show healthy changes.

After 30 minutes Grounding you’ll be balancing your blood sugar and improving your blood circulation, raising the oxygenation of the blood and improving the metabolic function of organs. Reducing inflammation and pain too. All measurable changes.

After 8hrs (a whole night Grounded). You improve thyroid function, hormone balance, and the strength of your bones and skeletal system. Recovery from stress both emotionally and physically is quicker and more longstanding, inflammation is hugely reduced, ailments related to inflammation are able to heal faster. Again, these are all measurable changes that have been proven time and time again, with before and after screening and tests.

Dampen Your Feet
Water conducts electricity! If the ground is dry try wetting your feet or the ground before standing on it. The beach is a fantastic place to Earth and Ground for this reason! Foosa loves to sit on the beach, she even digs herself a hole to sit in where the sand is damper.

Invest in Earthing Tools
You can purchase Earthing/Grounding mats, sheets for your bed so you can ground overnight, and shoes that conduct electrons up for you. Plus there are many other tools, including even Grounding Patches which can be attached to specific points on the body for stronger healing to that area.


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