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New Study Shows Dogs Reflect Us Emotionally

12 Feb 2017

  • Understanding Canine Flow

Dogs Are Our Mirror.
You and your dog are a unit. By reflecting what is going on for you emotionally, your dog is your teacher. In Canine Flow you, the dog owner, doesn’t know best.

The human world is very full and can be fast-paced for our dogs (and for us!). But as feeling beings, dogs are incredibly intuitive and receptive to energies that we humans often overlook. They balance out our mind-based understanding of the world with their own Heart-based perception of it and vice versa.

For us, we don’t ‘know best’ simply because we are the human, the leader, guide or parent for them.

When aiming to control, influence or manage a situation, we are ultimately looking for Peace. The irony is the dog is already at peace, already more strongly connected and aware of the Emotional Energy that needs balancing or grounding for that feeling of peace to be found. A cue or a command could be used to create a temporary feeling of peace for us. However, when our dogs are given the opportunity to be as physically flexible as possible, allowed to express themselves as a canid being (which includes many of the behaviours we often aim to restrict) and encouraged to be emotionally adaptable, they will be calmer, more relaxed and at peace in the first place. Even better, they will be more aware and better connected to balance and ground our own erratic Emotional Energies! Thus bringing us our feeling of peace.

It is actually liberating to realise that you don’t need to be ‘the boss' or in charge or a guide for them. Simply by observing what the Emotional Energy is showing you (this is often done subconsciously anyway) and practicing acceptance, gratitude and trust you will already begin to see changes in the dogs behaviours around you.

It seems crazy to believe but its true. Doing less really does give you more!

How wonderful also to not judge yourself, or other dogs owners, for an ability to be a ‘good’ dog owner: you are already good, you don’t need to prove it to anyone.

Taking things a step further, it is possible to learn the many ways to improve the dog's physical flexibility, opportunity for expression as a canid being and emotional adaptability. Either at Dog Owner level or as a Practitioner working with dogs and their owners to increase bond and do all of the above to transform behaviours and relationships.

The key is to understand we are not here to know best, do something different or change the dog. We are most compassionately powerful when we consider how we are Being: how we are Being transforms the world around us. It is the only thing that ever has.

Dogs connect with out stress, they feel it. Subconsciously just as much as the stress we are consciously aware of. This study highlights this all too well.
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Dogs Reflect us Emotionally!


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