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Fireworks: Help Keep Your Dog Calm

03 Nov 2017

  • Dog Behaviour

Bonfire Night can be a challenge for dogs across the country, particularly ones with nervous dispositions. Like the sound of waves, thunder and lightning, fireworks can play havoc with the nerves of dogs.

There are many reasons why canines are so scared of fireworks. Most likely, it’s because they have far more sensitive hearing than their owners, so a loud and unexpected ‘boom’ can be very overwhelming for them.

But there are ways that your dog’s fear of fireworks can be eased, including using Canine Flow to release or transform the cellular memory of fears or anxieties that are held in your dog’s body.

How Do Fireworks Affect Dogs Differently To Humans?
A dog feels sound, rather than thinking about the noises it hears. At a cellular level, sound has been shown to interact with the receptor points on cells. All cell receptors are frequency-based, the old paradigm explanation that anything enters a cell in a ‘key fitting into a lock’ method has long been replaced with the knowledge that the cell walls are vibrating. They connect with molecules of the same vibration, allowing entry into the cell – or perhaps more deeply allow the whole cell to be influenced by that frequency.

So, when we listen to music or hear a sound, it’s the frequencies that our bodies respond too - so you could say we almost become the sound.

Can Other Treatments Ease Firework Fears?
Whilst there can be some progress made with positive dog training or desensitisation audios, methods that transform the frequencies which the dog’s cells are resonating at has, for me, shown to make the biggest difference.

Sound and firework fear is a long-standing issue that, despite progress in traditional positive dog training methods, has not been changed. The contributors to a dog having a physical body that is more likely to hold fear frequencies or anxieties has also raised, meaning we are now seeing more and more dogs with these kinds of issues.

How Can Canine Flow Help?
In Canine Flow, we aim to release physical tension patterns and transform the frequencies of fears, trauma or anxieties being held in the dog's cells. This is a huge part of our work as dogs are truly ‘feeling beings’ rather than ‘thinking beings’. They are incredibly receptive to surrounding energy frequencies that we cannot see, or often be aware of ourselves.

When we perform Professional Canine Hypnotherapy (PCH) we are not working with the dog’s mind or thoughts, but with their whole body.

Many fears are found in the digestive tract, the kidneys, in the heart, or even an old injury you had forgotten your dog even experienced. They can hide anywhere!

By working with the dog with the aim being to assist their body to be free from fearful frequencies and full of peaceful calm ones, we change the dog itself, and their response to all of life.

When the Dog is Better Able to Cope With Frequencies Around Them, They Become Less Reactive to Everything – Including the fireworks!
If we then need to focus more deeply on a specific incident that the dog may show us during a PCH session, we can do so, with the same whole-body techniques.

Every dog is different. They are all vibrating with different levels of energetic information. So one session does not guarantee a cure - however that can and does happen – it all depends how happy the dog is, and how happy you are for them, to release and transform the fears and feelings within, which the behaviour is related too.

Find your local Practitioner or Practitioner-in-Training today and see if you can work together to assist your dog with firework fears, or even something else.


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