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Guess Foosa's Breeds to WIN prizes!

Prizes worth over £350!

06 Feb 2023

  • Competition

WIN ~ a place on my new Guided Canine Flow Course!

A new certified, fully guided, online course,
Plus a pack of our Sacred Canine Heart Cards.
A runner-up prize of a pack of our Sacred Canine Heart Cards.

This is my beautiful little shelter dog Foosa (pronounced Fu'sah), we met at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand around 8 years ago.
She has been an emotional balancing, grounding force in my life ever since and a true part of the development of Canine Flow.

Foosa would love you to guess her breed make-up!
We sent off her DNA and were amazed at the results.

Foosa has three main breeds that make-up her DNA.
Two breeds are from Asia and one is European.
We hope you can see her photo clearly! (please visit our FB page for a wider version)
Foosa is 8.5kg and she also has a black and pink tongue which is synonymous with one of her three main breeds.

Entries now closed: please keep your eyes peeled for the winning announcement on my FB Page on Monday!

I will pick the winners on Mon March 13th with winners picked based initially on closeness of guess, then if many entries are correct three breeds, then we will pick at random, Live on social media, from those correct guesses!

We will reveal the three Breeds too when we pick the winners!

Wishing you the best of intentions, we hope you have fun entering the competition!
Caroline and Foosa x


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