is Brene Brown linked to Dog Training
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How Is Brene Brown Linked To Dog Training?

Remember The TED Talk On The Power Of Vulnerability?

26 Nov 2019

  • Dog Behaviour

Did you like it?
I mean, who didn’t?!

It’s the one in which Brene shares her research findings on what it is that makes people happy and content.

The research highlights the fact that those who try to control their life, or manage their way to experiencing peace or joy, do not actually end up experiencing those feelings as often as those who allow themselves to simply Be in life. Those who live with trust, live in the moment and essentially who ‘go with the flow’ experience more peace and joy.

Brene shares that even she is amazed, presuming at the beginning of the study that to have a level of control has surely got to be better, right?

Well, this is essentially what we learn to do with our dogs in Canine Flow - to be in the state of being she describes - the one we all nod along too and agree to with her, the one we all yearn for and aspire to live in as soon as the talk is over. Yet most of us simply don’t do this, don’t implement this wonderful way of Being with the most important part of our lives: our dogs, our absolute best friends, not to mention the least likely companions to judge us should we occasionally ‘get it wrong’.

To aim for this state of being really does bring happiness, and it also completely transforms your dog’s behaviours. A double dose of goodness
and contentment.

Mostly, we still don't fully trust in the allowing when it comes to our dogs. We still keep them on lead ''just in case'' or stick to feeding a dry complete food out of fear of getting a fresh food diet wrong. We study their Neurological pathways, their psychology, and claim we know the science behind training them, all in effort to ‘get it right’. Staying very much in our Comfort Zone, and as far from the vulnerability that Brene’s research and TED Talk shows creates the true happiness we would prefer to feel.

The thing is for so long we haven’t really known any different. It is fairly recently, in terms of dog training and behaviour modification, that we have begun to include diet and physical posture in our framework of canine behaviour understanding. Let alone the possibility that we can transform behaviours with energy and by not trying so hard to be the perfect, most in control, most knowledgeable, dog owner.

So, if Brene’s talk resonated with you, I know you will LOVE Canine Flow. Maybe not at the times it's asking you to leave your comfort zone ;) However, once you've experience the magic that doing so and being Vulnerable has in store for you, I know you will be hooked! The irony is when you get there, the ‘vulnerable’ state of being is actually More Powerful that the Comfort Zone, fear or mind-based state you were in before. Your dog becomes 100% content, happy and calm - and so do you.

It can be very tough to let your habits and fears go. But in Canine Flow we make it easy!

Our dogs are actually here to suppawt us, to reflect and thus remind us, where we are living in fear (or Comfort Zone) not Love, Trust and simply Allowing the present moment. They are not our teachers, but our reminders to be in the Flow, of Divine Love.

We do not need Teaching how to Be Love, it’s our ultimate authenticity! We simply need to be shown when we are resonating in fear, rather than Love. Our dogs will always show us this, beautifully.


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