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Beautiful & Powerful - Our Retreat Review

Canine Flow Transformational Retreat September 2021 🐾 💗

16 Sep 2021

  • Retreat Review

Canine Flow Transformational Retreat September 2021 🐾 💗

Words will never fully encompass or do justice to how beautiful and powerful this retreat was for myself and the girls. I had no idea what to expect, yet it became everything and more.

To be able to spend 6 days with Lexi and Cookie, free from life’s distractions, and working on learning new things to help them. To connect with them on a much deeper level and truly understand their beauty. I’ve always loved them but being on this retreat with them made me realise quite how special and wonderful they really are.

Also, I wasn’t prepared for the work around myself and working through my grief. Something really shifted in me and by the end, I was overwhelmed by emotion but due to feeling so thankful.

Then, to meet all these wonderful like-minded people, all wanting to connect with their dogs on a deeper level. The trust and love between the dogs and their guardians was beautiful and our favourite times were being in the seminar room with everyone. The calm energy, meditations, singing and connecting with the canine energy flow. It was incredible.

It was a vegan retreat too, so the food was AMAZING. Such care and creativity put into these delicious meals so with every meal we were blown away. Lexi was in her element, cuddles all round and more humans to tell her how adorable she is! Cookie just flourished and I watched her become more relaxed each day and dive paws first into the teachings. Everyone was so kind to her and understanding. She got told how adorable she was too!

The lovely founder, Caroline, who runs the retreat, has so much passion and knowledge. It was a privilege to be able to learn from her and to watch her work with Cookie and Lexi. She does make it look easy because she sees and understands them on that deeper level, and has put the work in. But she also explains everything beautifully and allowed us to connect with our dogs too.

We also had to stop by the beach on our way home with our new friends, which is a great place for dogs to ground, hence why Cookie loves it so much!

I’m excited to learn more, to put the work in at home (but this doesn’t feel like work because it feels really good), and to keep remembering we all make a difference and we should feel more rather than think. Do what makes your heart sing and create that high vibrational energy that brings more light into the world.
☀️ ❤️
Ellie, Lexi and Cookie


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