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Are dogs from Sirius, the brightest star?

Category: Spiritual Dogs | 07 Jul 2021

As we approach the Summer Solstice, a deep celebration of the Sun, it feels appropriate to be channelling this article about our dogs pawtential connection with Sirius the Dog Star, a star amongst the constellations of Canis Major and Minor.

Sirius is named the brightest star in the sky and also known as the Dog Star. It is the brightest seen from Earth because of its proximity to our solar system.

Sirius itself is known as the Great Central Sun in astrology, ancient texts and increasingly understood this way by todays astronomers too. It is 40’000 times stronger than our Sun and exerts a gravitational pull on our Sun that actually promotes our Suns orbit. The magnetic resonances from Sirius, the frequencies it holds and can influence our solar system with are of course very influential to our emotions, and our heart centres.

Currently the oldest texts modern-day man can find state that Ptolemy, the ancient Greek astrologer, recorded Sirius’s star systems as being named Canis major and Canis minor in the second century. He did so under his knowledge of the Greek mythological stories and Babylonian texts from ancient Mesopotamia. Interestingly he also recorded them having the appearance of the shape of a dog following the constellation that is named Orion out on a hunt. Firstly with Orion in the constellation cycle, next Canis Major followed then by Canis Minor.

Canine Flow teachings share that dogs are here with us on a multi-dimensional level, linked with galactic star systems, to literally suppawt us by connecting heart-to-heart with us. By reminding us to live from our hearts they elevate our ascension and consciousness. Our dogs will reflecting anything sub-conscious in us that needs to transcend in order for us to feel at peace, happy and fully living our purpose or potential. Their Mission, if you like, is to suppawt human ascension to ultimately raise the frequency of all planet Earth. They are not simply loving beings, they have a strong purpose here and they find the owners who need them. Whilst much of life becomes a reflection of our subconscious once upon our spiritual journey, dogs have the biggest heart per body mass of any animal. Through their huge magnetic attachment to us it is the dog who will show us the most, the deepest of fears, the judgments or the over-use of mind.

In Canine Flow we believe that dogs did not find us for food, but rather it was a mutual partnership that developed based on the strong heart-flow dogs have, as that suppawted man in hunting. Dogs essentially have a very strong, loyal, fierce even, focus of heart energy and this would have been incredibly useful to early man in hunting*. This would indeed match the ancient knowledge and Ptolemy’s concepts when recording and naming these stars and constellations.

During the Solstice not only do we celebrate our Sun but we feel it for the longest, it is literally the longest day of the year the Suns energies have influence over us, and this would equally be so for the Great Central Sun, Sirius. If ever there was a time to connect more deeply with your dog, this weekend is it. I am blessed to be running a Canine Flow workshop this weekend. It wasn’t planned when I arrived in the UK two weeks ago, but through a few synchronicities it is arranged for today. I look forward to sharing photos and the dogs messages with you afterwards.

More Sirius facts I Love: It is 3700 light years away from Earth. It is 2.2 Billion years old – Could 2020 really be the year we recognise dogs as our multi-dimensional ascension guides? Canis Major is very close to another constellation known as the Puppis! Originally in Mesopatmia the Puppis was included with Canis Major as an arrow following Orion. The astrology mythologies speak of the Canis Major, Minor (and maybe even the Puppis) following Orion on the hunt, to suppawt hunting Hare Lepus and to help fight Taurus the Bull. The next two constellations along from Orion. One of the refs’ I found whilst double checking my channellings was this page, weirdly containing my year of birth, 1978 in its link. ”https://www. universetoday. com/19780/canis-major-constellation”

We may never know if dogs are here on a starseed mission, or simply it’s a chance they have the biggest heart-mass, and its that alone that has attracted us to each other. The fact we ascend so strongly when we are around them is pawhaps then simply a beneficial chance? For those of you who feel there is more to dogs, I am sure you are with me – Starseeds or not, they are extra special beings.

*(Even if nowadays we find the strength of their focus and need to express so strongly can cause us fears)


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