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Aggressive, anxious dog

Transformed with Canine Flow

Category: Understanding Canine Flow | 15 Nov 2017

Some of you may recall Stewie an amazing Shiba-inu who started me on a journey of teaching Spirals and Emotional Flow work to transform behaviours for dogs.
Practitioner Dawn Stones recent success with Toshi, another Shiba, has reminded me of those beginnings and also just how needed this kind of behaviour work is.

Both Stewie and Toshi were displaying aggression to humans and were both very fearful and anxious. The breed rescue tasked with Stewies rehabilitation and rehoming were determined not to give up on him and having tried dog behaviour and training methods they knew of felt they were at a loss, when somebody mentioned my name to founder Janice. Having successfully worked with Stewie when Toshi came into the rescue Janice had an idea that our behaviour and training methods might be just what he needed.

Behaviours Toshi displayed were described as; not tolerant of people, not tolerant of other dogs, threatening to bite, fearful, shaking all over, anxious, flighty, never seen sitting or lying down, moves at the slightest noise, zero tolerance for strangers.

Luckily one of Canine Flow’s most confident practitioners Dawn Stone lived nearby, and was happy to go and see if there was anything we could do for Toshi.
Dawn just as with Stewie made HUGE progress even from the first session. The video below shows Dawn working with Toshi using some of the Canine Flow techniques.
Even the initial consult amazed everyone. Toshis acceptance of Dawn herself, and of relaxing at all! His difference afterwards was sensational.

In total Dawn visited twice, then with Toshi already such a different dog the rescue staff were better able to begin to teach him basic training such as sit. More importantly too they could begin to build a bond and have some fun with him, as a potential pet dog. He has now even started to enjoy agility classes and is (at the time of this blog) looking for his forever home.

The video of Dawn working with Toshi is included below. I am extremely proud of Dawns work, and feel eternally grateful to be able to teach people how to do this kind of thing for dogs! We are literally transforming behaviours through promoting emotional flow and thus clearing trauma memory – we have many ways of doing this, depending on the dog, the behaviours, the owner themselves, even each practitioners unique approaches.

All of us at Canine Flow do cross our fingers (and paws) for the day this kind of work is seen as behaviour assistance or a training method rather than a therapy. Whilst the 2 are differentiated more and more dogs like Toshi will be deemed untrainable, or not rehomeable as their behaviour try to be trained out of them and ‘therapies’ seen as some different or not as likely to work on a practical level.

With Canine Flow there will is no need to train dogs out of issues like Toshis. It actually makes life easier for everyone concerned.

Watch the video of Dawn working with Toshi: _blank


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