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Abundance Earth Grid Ceremony

A Fantastic Day For Awakening

08 Jun 2019

  • Spiritual Dogs

To say we are guided towards things is something of an understatement at times!

The event I was asked by my guides to host was a collaboration of high vibration dog owners, each either running or looking to run a business in natural dog care, and each looking to enhance their business know-how, as well as their understanding of natural dog care, and most importantly, their own inner-selves.

The theme, in essence was: grow yourself to grow your canine related business – and then let your business transform the world!

All I ‘knew’ was it had to be under a dome! I didn’t know why. However, when I stumbled across Buxton Dome, it seemed so right, I booked it immediately.

Alongside speakers on natural dog care, entrepreneurship and abundance techniques (including the brilliant Rachel Elnaugh from TV’s Dragon's Den), a key part of the Conference Day was the Abundance Ceremony led by Rob, a hypnotherapist and owner of Reiki Rob.

Held in the afternoon, the ceremony aimed to strengthen each attendee’s connection to Divine Source, bring them codes of abundance, clarity and ability to create or sustain a business doing what they love to do. It was also a guided ceremony that sent out new frequencies of abundance and prosperity right across the UK, and beyond, via three powerful channels.

The sacred geometric patterns and sound resonance from that of the Dome building itself, was unbelievably strong! To the point Rob's voice was reverberating back into the centre of our ceremonial circle as if the Universe itself was repeating it back to us and reaffirming itself (See photo).

Water, the most abundant, influential molecule of Earth, and vastly imprintable with frequencies and energy light codes, was underneath us in the deep underground springs of Buxton. The same water that is both bottled and shipped around the globe as drinking water, and that runs into rivers, streams and oceans.

Having booked without visiting first, I had no idea this would be so powerful until I arrived, felt and saw the venue itself.

What I discovered when I got there was very heart-warming:

Each door had the word DOG (DO/G) written on it! The DO/G stood for Dome section G - what a cool coincidence!

The Numbers were also with us! The middle of the door had an 8-pointed star right in the centre, which matches the Merkabah (multi-dimensional frequencies) and 8, the number of abundance. The entrance had the numbers 1881 right above it – 11 is a well known gateway portal, with 88 in the centre, the number of infinity, and also the Lions Gate date 8/8 frequency of change and abundance on planet Earth. The dome is measured at 144ft – the number associated with the Critical Mass of people who once awakened will spark the deep transformation to peace and abundance on Earth ( 144’000). The Dome is made of 22 Curved arms (22 master number in numerology). The last Buxton census (2012) calculated the population at 22k. There is water running through Buxton and there is a geothermal spa with a temperature of 28c. Despite more booking the event, 28 of us took part in the actual ceremony.

The Dome Building itself has always been a building of importance, of compassion and contribution. It was initially used to house and support the sick and poor. Today it is a center of the University in Buxton.

By attending and reconfiguring the frequencies, the Emotions (Energies-in-Motion) that run underneath Buxton and out to the Globe, we were able to amplify and transmute any residual frequencies of poverty entering the grid network from there. Now there is still work to do as this is likely to need sustaining and could definitely be magnified even more.

As well as the Water itself, the stone, rock underneath us, that which Buxton is built on is known as FLOW stone.

When I was called to create this gathering, I had no idea just how important it would actually be or why it was me who was asked to do this.

I will absolutely keep you posted if we arrange another gathering there!


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