Why do some remedy work on some dogs but not on others?
You’ve all seen it right? Aloe Vera, the wonder skin renewal – yet it nothing for your dogs skin?
Owners successfully worming with pumpkin seeds – but your dogs are still there
Fleas departing at the merest sniff of lavender, but yes – your dog still has them ha!

Its easy to say, ok they are al different, but frustrating to not know where to turn next.
We are all on a journey of education, learning about natural ways to be and the biggest part learning to develop our intuition and our knowledge of our dogs as individuals – if ever there was a pet that had come as a teacher for us to develop our intuition and connection to our beautiful planet earth its dogs!
For some its simply needing an excuse to get outside in nature, for others it further along the journey and developing a trust of our own judgements is the current transformation we are experiencing.

We happily agree that dogs, or all of life is actually energy but all too often still make choices based on the separation or the fear we feel in life.
Our dogs are made of energy, moving energy. They are basically made up of frequencies jostling about together to create ‘Monty’ or Basil, or Coco!

No dog is the same collection of frequencies and no dog constantly stays the exact same set of frequencies. They evolve and can be transformed.
The world interacts with them at a frequency level too – especially natural remedies, but our feelings are frequencies (vibrations emitted from our heart up to several meters away), heck they can probably even feel next doors heart vibrations! – other creatures in the house, solar flare, moon cycles, technology emfs – all these thing influence and change how a dog ‘is at any given time.

We shouldn’t expect that they will react the same to situations and we shouldn’t expect that they will always be attracted to the same foods, or that certain remedies will always be what a dogs needs.

We should never expect another person’s dog to be the same as ours with Diet, Remedies or anything. The scary part is that that means we have to take responsibility for our dog’s life experiences, for the foods we choose, the remedies we are drawn too! Rather than putting our trust in another, professional or otherwise.
There is not actually anybody who knows better than you – you just need to get quiet enough to hear the answer.
You have to Trust Yourself and Hear Yourself– after all that is what your dog is here to teach you!
If you are ready to learn.

Opinions and what’s other have done is fab! Hopefully they wont expect that you Have to do what they say either hehe! Take in the frequency of that idea and see if it resonates with you.
Learn as much as you can without getting too involved – spend time releasing fears in meditation or through music or sitting with your dog in nature. Then armed with all the info you can make a decision based on what resonates best with you, not what will solve a fear.
Tip: If you are looking for the correct answer or solution, you are coming from a place of fear. Ironically the moment you stop looking. You’ll have it presented to you, it might not even seem like the Correct thing but you will have no fear of trying it, and it will be the answer.

Good luck!
and never forget – the dogs are with us all of them as a group Morphic Resonance, we are never alone! Xxxx

– this blog is NOT intended to say don’t visit a professional, its intention is to assist those aiming to be come better equipped with Intuition to develop that wonderful side of themselves, and connect more deeply with nature.