Grace a quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed, and attractive way, the second: the quality of being pleasantly polite, or a willingness to be fair and honest.

Neither of these definitions accurately described the horse standing before me during my visit to Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary in Spain last week.

Grace a beautiful looking horse with a thick coat of deep brown that also shimmered gold in the sunlight displayed behaviours many would describe as pushy, bolshy. Grace was not keen on socialising with other horses, or being near the free range pigs that also wander the land in their ever hopeful quest for a left over morsel of food. Grace had even bitten the sanctuary owner a week or so before my visit.

Hearing about and seeing some of Graces behaviours I was able to draw upon my experience with dogs and other animals and ask myself, What if Grace had been a dog? What would I do to create more peace for her, and around her?

With my dog training work the behaviours expressed by the animal are not considered as much as the general personality, or ‘state of being’ of the animal. I focus on changing the animal itself, de-stressing, reduce tension and anxiety levels for instance. Time and time again I watch the ‘unwanted’ behaviours simply melt away as the animals body awareness, confidence and relaxed, safe feeling state-of-being, grows.

Recognising that the behaviours Grace was displaying were simply through her own fears and body tension rather than a purposeful intent to harm, I set an intention to work with her at some point during my stay, hoping to return her to her names meaning, Polite, smooth, relaxed and perhaps even more attractive than she already was.

The sanctuary owners were hopeful, but naturally skeptical especially after the recent biting incident. To be honest I never quite know exactly if and how my techniques will work, but they surprise me almost on a daily basis, and I do trust in my intuition and the possibilities of energy work.

Although sometimes I am asked to work with animals at a specific time I much prefer the ‘right’ time to present itself.  For connections to occur organically whenever possible.

The following night I was presented with the opportunity and despite it pouring with rain – It so rarely rains in the Spanish mountains so that was quite a feat in itself!, I found myself once more standing beside Grace, who had oddly for her actually laid down, almost as if she really knew I was heading her way and able to work with her.

I began to observe her, to stablise the energy with my connection hand and to visualise sending transformation spirals towards her. Letting my intuition guide me as to where they were needed on her body.
Within a few minutes Grace was standing up again, and much to the sanctuary owners amazement, allowing me to be stood close to her and to work with her. I kept my hands only a few inches or so from her body. Her ear moved into their relaxed state indication and her head relaxed down. Grace even began to let me work on her neck itself and allowed me to intuitively (and very slowly) move round in front of her head to be on her opposite side. As I let my hands be guided from her neck down her spine we all saw, and felt, a shiver like effect rush down her right hand side moving the muscles and skin as it went along, releasing tension from her spine and right hind quarters as it did so.

Grace then gave a whinny noise and did a kind of dog like ‘shake off’ stepping forward as she did so.

This powerful feeling energy shift, I felt, was the end of the session. At least for Grace herself.

Most animals come attached to an owner, having watched the session occur, also in the pouring rain, her two owners and I all huddled back into the dry of the house and naturally began discussing what we had just witnessed.
By utilizing another of my tool set of energy techniques, The Balance Procedure, Graces owners were able to balance their own energy fields to be able to focus on and create what they want for Grace, rather than what they did not. The balance card for the Brow chakra showed as the topic of the evening, with all of us finding our energy needed to be balanced to create the vision for Grace we all wanted to see.

The very next morning reports were that Grace truly was changed horse! Her owners had found her calm and relaxed that morning, accepting her hay and appearing more grounded and friendly.
As the week progressed Grace was also able to mix with the other horses, and even neck nibbled with one of them (I’m sure there is a better horse person term for that) which is something she had literally never done before, she hadn’t even been able to be put in with them let alone enjoy her hay and alfalfa nearby another horse or groom them!

Here she is happily munching alongside Lucy, who also made some positive changes during my week at the Sanctuary. Releasing some of the trauma of her past and feeling more at peace and content.

The words written here don’t feel as though they come close to describing the feeling of being present at an emotional energy shift in such a magnificent animal.

It is truly something to be part of. Everyday I am honored to be able to work with animals and be able to teach people like you how to create peace for animals too.
Our feelings really can and do change in an instant, and if the ‘right’ time is acted upon huge energy shift and releases can occur as they did with Grace.