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Caroline & Foosa – Founder

Canine Flow is a unique way of being with dogs that promotes your own happiness, success and purpose and equally transforms canine behaviour, like no other technique before!
Work with Caroline online worldwide Consult includes: Reading, Nutrition, Guidance, Solutions.
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ZSAZSA DANIEL & BooBoo – Master Practitioner

Canine Flow specialism; Canine Relationship Coaching for women and their dogs.
BooBoo’s story is from dog to dog concern (aggression) to trust, peace and harmony. 
ZsaZsa is writing an Online Course which will be available soon. Online support or in-person in the Kent area.
Watch ZsaZsa & BooBoo’s Intro-Hello video here
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Becky Shuttleworth, with Bella – Master Practitioner

Canine Flow specialism; Rescue Dogs. Becky has over 20 rescues including many Jack Russells and Romanian rescues. Bella is a UK rescue too. Contact Becky for full support with your rescue dog and discover how and why this beautiful rescue dog has chosen to be with you too! Book for an online consult or in-person consult in the Essex area.
Watch Becky’s Intro-Hello video here
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Vanessa Byrne, with Tonka & HOWARD – Master Practitioner

Canine Flow specialism; Grooming, Handling for Groomers and Terriers.
Learn how to make grooming effortless, either at home or in your canine spa, salon. Online webinars & consult support online worldwide.
Vanessa is writing a course which will be available soon. 
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Dawn Stone, with MYlo & Millie – MASTER PRACTITIONER

Canine Flow specialism; Using Animal Aromatics with Canine Flow.
Dawn offers day and weekend Retreats for dogs & their guardians. In-person consults in the Telford & Shropshire area.
Dawn also runs Aroma-Flow, a short course in using aromatics with Canine Flow. Open to all Canine Flow Students and Practitioners.
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Worldwide Practitioner List

We have Practitioners worldwide, with many in the UK to support you and your dog with behaviour, and life path understandings. Book Online or in-person support.
Simply download or open the full list here.