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General Questions about Canine Flow

What is Canine Flow?

Canine Flow is dog training and understanding unlike any other. Its unique approach transforms your relationship with your dog, helping you understand the true motivations behind their behaviours and open up their full potential and purpose with you.
Learning Canine Flow also supports you to live your best life, find your purpose and connect with the collective consciousness that we are all part of.
Why not check out our blog to learn more, here you can discover how spirituality fits into Canine Flow, how it differes from traditional training methods or perhaps discover the 3 Principles of Canine Flow.

How Can You Help My Dog?

We have many ways to support you and your dog, either with behaviour changes or a better understanding and transformation.

For immediate support we have some beautiful Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audios for specififc behaviour challenges. You can download them from our Resources page.

You are welcome to book in a session with either our founder Caroline, or one of the worldwide practitioners.

You can learn our techniques through the home study course too, understanding your dogs behaviours like never before, and transforming them with Caroline's guidance.

Finally, you are welcome to attend a Retreat Course for the full immersion 5 days, or tap into Canine Flow for a day on practitioner Day Retreats.

Find our Retreats and events on our Social Pages, or by being part of our mailing list.

Questions about Retreats

How Do I Find Out More About The Retreats?

Information on our Spiritual Retreats with your Dog is found on our Retreats page.
These are the most unique and beautiful way to learn and new transformational approach to dog behaviour, training and connection.

Questions about courses

How Do I Learn Canine Flow?

Join our Home Study course and then when ready, book on one of a Retreat Courses.

How Is The Course Assessed?

Questions are asked following each module to include some written answers and diagrams of your dog. Full support is given to encourage a full understanding of the topics.
The online course will give you the chance to progress on to becoming a Canine Flow practitioner by attending Retreat Courses, or to create transformation at home with your own dog.