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General Questions about Canine Flow

How Can You Help My Dog?

For immediate support we have some beautiful Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audios for specififc behaviour challenges. You can download them from our Shop page.

You are welcome to book in a session with either our founder Caroline, or one of the worldwide practitioners.

You can learn our techniques through the home study course too, understanding your dogs behaviours like never before, and transforming them with Caroline's guidance.

Questions about Retreats

Questions about courses

Can I just attend a Retreat?

Retreats are transformational and exclusviely available for those dedicated to that transformation.
Both the knowledge and the practice is part of your Canine Flow journey. It would be a dishonour to practice without understanding of Canine Flows ancient secrets, teachings and divine wisdom. The home-study course provides the foundation to your transformation.

How Is the Home Study Course Assessed?

Questions are asked following each module to include some written answers and diagrams of your dog.
You will also be asked to record either audio or videos of your work with your dog.

Full support is given to encourage a full understanding of the topics.
The online course will give you the chance to progress on to becoming a Canine Flow practitioner and Teach Canine Flow if you enjoy it and wish too.