Human experience of dogs has created some strong beliefs amongst our kind. Including lots of should’s and shouldn’t’s in terms of a dogs behaviour.
There are several reasons why this has happened,

In the past some dog training was quite strong, using almost fear based techniques that created the type of dog that would do what the handler commanded every time, appearing to the outside viewer to be ‘well-behaved’ when in fact it was all done with stress being suppressed into their body.
The vision that dogs can be, or should be always able to make a well-behaved decision is well ingrained in our minds – we still have this belief that all dogs can or ‘should’ act in a discreet, well-behaved ‘appropriate’ manner.
This is still the case whether we believe dogs to be ‘wrong’ if they don’t do so, or not. Even those of us that believe there is more going on and the dogs just need to be taught differently (or the owners) the vision that a dog can and should act in a certain way is still heavily ingrained as what we are aiming to achieve.
Luckily simply to recognise this makes a shift in our Intentions – which are one of the most powerful forces of transformation we have.
Yet, is this an expectation we are ready to let go of? What fears/concerns show up for us to consider dogs not ‘behaving’ in certain ways?
And does that have reflection on other aspects of our lives or relationships?

Many of the things we see our dogs doing, or wanting to do, are not our own, social, moral behaviours.
Humans have created a scenario in which we resist expressing ourselves emotionally, while the dog just gets on with it!
The behaviours the dog displays can influence how we feel and due to us not wanting to feel rejected, varied levels of fear, shame, blame or disconnection from others we attempt to stop the dog expressing themselves too.
The irony is that so often your dog will try to ground and express what you try to hide or keep inside! They are a magnet for how we feel subconsciously and will express for us! So, a lot of what they ‘do’ or act like are actually coming from us – subconsciously.
A dog is a huge feeling/emotional being – sensing electromagnetically what’s going around them. They act to assist with the balancing of the energy of you and your dog together as the unit, they have a group ‘mind’ in that way – although its not actually there mind they are using as they are Feeling with their heart and their VNO primarily. (more blogs in depth about that on this site)
We may not even recognise consciously what we are feeling inside, but the dog will show it!
Becoming aware of our inner feelings, accepting them and transforming them makes huge shifts in the behaviours you dog displays.
And also helps to awaken the beings that we are to see that everything is simply acting through energy expression, us too and actually how awesome is that! Nothing is actually limited! Everything has more possibilities – or pawsibilities perhaps 😉
Would you be ready to feel the uncomfortable feelings? To reduce the blame, guilt, shame from your life? Blames of any kind – towards yourself, your dog or another dog or another owner completely and utterly dis-empowers you!
Could you empower yourself not to go into blame when something happens to your dog or your dog displays a behaviour you don’t feel right with?

But it’s not All about us!
The dog too has its own ‘awareness of self’ – in that they can sense how capable of ‘getting away from something’ they are on the physical level. This awareness is called proprioception and is absolutely Not thought or mind based. They don’t’ think about how there body is they just ‘know’. We actually have this ability too but choose to use our minds and override it.
If we have an expectation that dogs should act in a certain way we almost always miss the signals our dogs give out about how they Feel.
Calming signals are some the signals dogs give, (expertly highlighted by Turid Rugass, but have actually been around a lot longer, since the dawn of time in nature for many others to notice too).
Physical tension patterns are another, learning to observe how a dog react physically assist in clues to how they feel, it’s often the very subtle physical reactions that mean the most too!

Labelling behaviours is another way we miss a dogs Feelings. If our expectation is that they will always act a certain way because that is: their breed type: their personality: just what dogs do: their part to play in the ‘pack’ – we can easily overlook a behaviour or signal that they don’t feel comfortable or that they have something going on for them at the physical level that could be addressed.

Since the traditional ‘ a dog must act this way every time’ methods came into play lots has changed in society:
>It’s got way Busier!! There are dogs everywhere now!
>The places to allow them freedom of expression are much reduced.
>Our allowance of them to express themselves has reduced. Mostly because the dog aims to express with their mouths – and the emotionally expressive behaviours are the ones that create the most fear or frustration in us.
>The stress levels of humans has risen.
>There are a whole host of other electromagnetic signals zipping about unseen such as wifi’s, planetary movements, which influence the dog.
>They are not fed food that supports their nervous system, sense of proprioception or physical balance.

All in all there are many training methods that encourages you to solve the dogs issues and even if kind, or positive unless we address the emotional aspects of the dog and ourselves we will keep going round and round in circles, as we actually are!
Management techniques bring a reduction in stress for us, if something is going on for your dog use them but don’t only use them! – aim to change the dog (and you) not simply manage the situation.
You will then find that all the things you wanted to manage melt away when the dog changes – and you do.
Where can you find out more about changing the dog not the behaviour? – by understanding the emotional energy flow and release in dogs?
Your local Canine Flow Practitioner of course! xx